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Found 1 result

  1. I'm starting this here so all entrants can have their say about what went right and wrong with the RBRR 2021. It will be a considerate thread, with constructive comments, constructive criticism and workable suggestions. We will play nice and not be rude about suggestions, we will not close down opinions once expressed but will also not allow trolling. Everyone agree, yes OK let's get started 🙂 When people way "They should do something about ....." you are the "people" and your organising team the "they". The organising team are constantly talking and considering new ideas, locations and processes but to help you with a few 'rules' you may want to know that The Club and the RBRR is organised by unpaid amateurs, we are enthusiastic, keen and sometimes even capable but we aren't the most IT literate lot. The RBRR is popular, it sells out in a few hours, the limitations on numbers are generally down to the capacity of venues and the organisers ability to cope. We can't really make it bigger without significantly increasing the costs and probably losing something along the way - also, see 3 below. We can't make a huge profit from the RBRR - the Club is not VAT registered and cannot increase turnover - we get a limit set by the Club and we must stick to it. So, ideas of how to limit turnover from people who know the VAT rules are very welcome. Registering for VAT and making big profits would change the basics of the Club from amateur enthusiasts to money making business, a leap that the Sports Six Club made some years ago - they are a very different animal to CT (not better or worse, just different). As this is a RBRR thread I think we keep off that subject - unless you're a VAT expert 🙂 The RBRR is registered with Motor Sport UK and governed by their rules under a 'TAP' - a Touring Assembly Permit, the Club will always protect that validation so everything we do must stand up to official scrutiny. This is not Gumball and never will be. Third party services like FaceBook and WhatsApp are very difficult to control. Our work with RallyApLive is ongoing, we used WhatsApp differently this year and FaceBook was, as ever, a pain to deal with for all concerned - I did consider just turning it off at one point. CT members are generally not especially good at using these things so we need our technology to be fairly simple and easy to manage. For example, there are people, and I'll be polite here, "well meaning" people who feel it's their right to interfere with the event. Using FaceBook to set up an unofficial 'control'. Sadly, Club members get involved and this makes our lives all the more stressed - unscheduled stops that are neither authorised nor controlled by the RBRR team and are unknown Motor Sport UK constitute a serious risk to the ongoing running of the event. I'm interested in how the membership think we should deal with this? We've tried talking about it, we've tried asking politely, we have not yet tried banning anyone who participates or writing it into the rules that anyone attending will be withdrawn from the event. Withdrawals are inevitable but unnecessary - I think a separate thread is needed here as I want to draw on the collective experiences, good and bad, of the field. There were some heroic efforts on the weekend and so very noble entrants who went out of their way to help. One thing I would like specific thought on is that there were some participants who were mechanical snowflakes, loving the event but who had very little knowledge (or interest in some cases) in fixing their own problems. How do we educate/train/recondition these crews - the RBRR is best done with self sufficient crews who help each other but crews who always own their own problems. There's unlikely to be a transporter and mechanic following the field to fix cars due to the cost and practicalities of such an undertaking. This might get messy but if you are one of those entrants who are mechanically challenged or felt overwhelmed by problems, what do you think you and the Club can do to rectify this? I can't guarantee you won't get the mickey taken but I think it's fair to say that if you ask for help, you'll get it. If you put the problem onto someone else, you'll not enjoy the outcome - this is not about outing the ignorant, it's about educating and raising the standard for us all. I think that's enough to be going on with but you tell me what you experienced and how you think it could be better. Jason
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