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  1. Came from a donor car bought for other parts Had been rebuilt and test run but never used in anger. Now stripped and viewable less pistons +20thou. (these were used by me on my car, they were as new ) Wide Big End Journals. and matching Rods. Gear box untested but smooth. Lever and gearchange extension missing some parts. All is oily and needs reassembly. Engine would suit various 2ltr Triumphs Needs to be inspected. Contact me Paul on 07517 298279
  2. RMC590L


    Im looking to do a engine rebuild on my 1973 2000 2litre. I want to try and increase the power a bit without losing drivability. I have been looking into camshafts. One that i have been looking at is from a tr6. I have been told there are 2 different power engines in tr6's. The CR version at125bhp and the CP version at150bhp. Its been suggested to me that the cam from the lower powered CR engine will work in a 2 litre engine and do what im asking.  Has anyone fitted a tr6 camshaft to a 2 litre? If someone has what was the results? I can get my engine number if needed.  Thanks in advance.
  3. Rick54

    TR4A bonnet

    Hi everyone I have just purchased a TR4A requiring a deal of restoration ... I am the third person to have owned this car since the restoration started . I am a bit confused about the bonnet. The original bill of sale when it was imported back into the UK says that it includes a TR250 bonnet. In Bill Piggotts Triumph book he says that the TR4A and TR5 bonnets are slightly different with the TR5 bonnet having a slightly longer power bulge. However I cant see any differences in any of the photos I have seen of both these cars. Can any one help?
  4. hi has any of you guys bought an alloy water pump housing from SCPARTS ltd from Crawley sussex,if you have did it fit ok? was it a good Quality part?
  5. hi has any of you guys bought an alloy water pump housing from SCPARTS ltd from Crawley sussex,if you have did it fit ok? was it a good Quality part?
  6. I've got to replace a couple of High pressure fuel Hoses from the Pump to the PRV and from the feed Pipe to the Metering Unit. I was going to order some from Moss but didn't know if it's worth spending a bit more for the Stainless steel reinforced type. Anyone offer any advice?
  7. Hi all, Just out of interest, what is the correct dissy for a TR5, and what should the advance be set to? I ask as my Mk1 has a TR5 cam and HS6 carbs on a long intake manifold, so I thought the TR5 is about the nearest to stock. Following issues on the HCR I am trying to ascertain if I should get the standard 22D dissy rebuilt, and then what it should be timed to. Thanks, Jon
  8. pollystag


    Hi all, im in the process of fitting a second hand diff into my stag, the diff  has got a cd number on it which i think is from a tr6? Does anyone know what the ratio will be and will it be suitable for my manual o/d stag? cheers steve.
  9. I May have to change a leaking Master Cylinder on my TR5 Has anyone fitted one of the Reproduction Master Cylinders? I was talking with a trader at the N.E.C. Show Yesterday and he was able to supply me with a Repro Master Cylinder for £70 which I though was an excellent price, apparently they are made in Italy? Another Trader I know who lives locally to me was able to offer me an exchange Re-conditioned original Master cylinder for £130, these are bored out sleeved in Stainless steel, re-sealed and refinished as new, he also had an original Girling Master Cylinder at £250!! So whats the best option if I have to change it? I'm thinking the Exchange reconditioned one may be the way to go, not sure of the Quality of the Repro ones and the N.O.S. one may have issues for all I know? (how long may it have been stashed away on a shelf, 40 Year old seals and rusty cylinder Bore maybe) ?.    
  10. Hi , Does anyone know where this point (it is in the plant) must be mounted at the handlebar? Thank you in advance
  11. Hi,   I'm asking this for my friend Didier that has posted here recently about the stator tube for his TR3. He's got everything apart and got all the parts to put it all together, so now what to look out for when adjusting etc ? 🙂 Wim
  12. I hope someone with sharper eyes than myself can see if this car has an overdrive fitted or not (73 TR6).
  13. I'm going to fit standard 4.5J Steel rims to my TR which is currently fitted with 60 Spoke Knock on type Wires. If I remove the Bolt on Splined Hubs can I simply bolt on my Steel rims? According to the Parts Book the Wheel Studs and front hubs are different part numbers for Wire and Steel wheels so I'm thinking it's not a straight forward swop?
  14. I have a set of steel rims that I have inherited for my TR5 which I intend to have refurbished (blasted and powder coated) I'll then get some new Tyres and fit the Original Rostyle trims, in place of the Painted Wire wheels which I'm not a big fan of?   The Wheels have 3 raised Pips that accept the trim, I have tried a trim on one of wheels and it fits, so I think I have the right rims? Although a fellow TR5 Owner I know seems to think they may be TR4 or TR4A Wheels but surely the Rostyle trim wouldn't fit these rims? The original colour of the wheels seems to be a darkish Brown, can anyone confirm if this is correct as I want to get them re-finished to the the Original Colour scheme? I have posted this query on the TR-Register site and seem to have conflicting answers on what colour original TR5/TR250 Steel rims should be?   
  15. Another new one up for sale on the Car And Classic Site? Anyone fancy being brave with a full restoration!   http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C660681 Any one seen this car for sale before? I have
  16. A collegue has informed me that he and his brother have just managed to smash the front end of a TR250 while going for a test drive having just performed an automatic gearbox transplant.   They are looking for inner and outer wings, bonnet, valances and probably doors too. Where should they be looking for quality parts?  They mention that their experience is the new pattern parts don't fit well. Julian
  17. Hi, I know someone with an early ( 1968 ) TR6. By the engine number it seems to have a TR250 engine, could it be that they used up the TR250 engines at the factory first ? Chassis number is CC25026O, So would make it the 26th build TR6 then.. Engine number is CC....e, as i looked at the prefix-suffix table for the numbers here on the CT forum it says it is an TR250 engine. Does anyone know something about this? Don't know if the engine was changed ever in his lifetime to. 🤔 Wim
  18. Jumped in my tr last night for a blast as the weather was fiiiine, after getting about 3 miles out of my lane i noticed it seemed to been letting out a rather lot of white smoke/steam from only one tail pipe (wheel barrow type exhaust) i recently purchased these (second hand) as my old ones from mikey made the wife complain (like she needs and excuse!) i checked the water and dip stick the day before and all seemed well but after about 25 mins of being out it really started to smell of hot coolant. The oil pressure gauge read 55 at 2500rpm as always and the temp gauge was half way. Just checked the water and oil and its not lost a single drop but I am petrified of a head gasket failure as i know these sixes are a bit prone! My only thought is if the twin boxes i purchased have been kicking around are a bit sooted up could that just be it? Remember its only coming out of one box!
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