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  1. After being in my ownership for exactly 2 years I started dismantling the car today in preparation for some body work and a nice new paint job... Should be ready (completely stripped incl. paint) for the body repairs by mid February.
  2. At the moment I am in the process of uprating the front suspension for my TR7 Sprint. Most important upgrade will be the brakes but that is all worked out more or less.� The other part of the upgrade is converting the original strut uprights to adjustable ones so that I can use (more or less standard) 2�" diameter front springs. I am not sure wether to use the original (rubber) top mount or try to find "something else"� Anyone out there who can give me some advice on this one; what top mounts are available for a TR7 and what best to use ?
  3. Right now the 7 is running reasonably... time for some modern electric gubbings. I have a Speeduino Ecu with which to run ignition and fuel injection for the 7. I acquired an injection manifold from Ebay recently so this is now the nucleus of my hardware. I'll need to fabricate my own plenum as the OE is only suitable for LHD cars. Sensors will be for Coolant sensor, Air Temp , Wideband Lamda , TPS, MAP as well as the obligatory Crank sensor. I'm hoping to achieve, better emissions/efficiency and a stronger spark and if i get a HP or two extra champion! Has anyone done this or is anyone interested in how my adventures work? Hopefully may have it all running by RBRR.
  4. Picked up my last acquisition yesterday, to keep 't Kreng company in the shed; This will change my Triumph related plans a bit. Current plan is to restore this car first to more or less standard spec, with a few period upgrades, before tackling 't Kreng  ...  
  5. I am After the Tr7 injection manifold for the standard 2.0l Lump. DM me please if you have one with price.
  6. On my tr7 the far right control for the heater doesn't have any positive engagement..no clicking any ideas? The flaps move but I can't leave it up or down just midway.
  7. I've removed and tidied up the black trim between the screen and the bonnet, and now need to repaint it. I'm thinking of a satin black; was this the original colour? I don't think it was gloss but have no idea what it was originally, mine was badly faded and a bit rusty, so may be incorrect.
  8. I had a real struggle last week trying to get a sealed beam, and the one I did get hold of  "popped" very quickly!  A Halogen conversion seems to make sense but I have a couple of questions I was hoping folk could help with please? Are the standard wiring and switches up to the Halogen bulbs or will I need relays?  Also, from looking at the wiring diagram (1977 4 speed TR7) I am confused as it looks like the headlights have separate fuses, but the only fuses I can find are the 4 in the lucas box, and an inline each for the radio and heated screen which are also in the cubby box.  Just asking because I seem to remember some older cars with sealed beams didn't have fuses, I suppose as the beam would blow if there was a problem. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello, I would like to install a stainless steel sports exhaust system with tubular manifold to my LHD TR7. I have the K&N filters and the required needles for the SU carbs. Does anyone knows if the car is drivable in normal road traffic as far as sound is concerned? I saw a short video from Rimmerbros and it seems like making a lot of noise. Anyone who has some experience with it? Regards, Luke.  
  10. I've just got some 15" MGF Alloys to go on the TR, what size tyres are people using? I'm thinking 185/55 or maybe a 195/50 ??
  11. The starter on my Sprint engined TR is gradually getting worse. When you turn the key more often than not the starter just spins but doesn't engage, it has always done it since I got the car. It was just occasionally and I could live with it but now it is happening more and more and taking longer to engage. I'm going to change the starter, wondering is there any advantage to fitting a high torque version as they are a little dearer but not stupid amounts more. I'm not sure if mine has the heat shield fitted as is shown on the TR starter, is this something that helps prolong the starter?
  12. I'm thinking I my treat the TR to a new battery to go with the starter I'm going to get. What battery are people fitting, anything fancy or just what ever fits?
  13.   Hi all, I know the combustion chambers are a slightly different shape, but will a 7 head work on an 1850 block, as a quick and dirty stopgap until I can get the '7 engine done?  Thanks, Tim.
  14. A some time ago I realised that over the past 10 years my TR7 wiring has been substantially changed by me (electronic ignition / LED lights / electric fan / driving lights etc) but the wiring diagram cannot be updated. Because the original wiring diagram is a difficult to read, I am creating a new version for a European standard 81 DHC as an AutoCad .dwg file. Unfortunately its taken much longer to finish than I expected as I am trying to fill in the gaps in the information from the original Triumph & Hayes drawings. This is the first detail section which covers the headlamp raise / lower system and the main/dip/flash circuits. The next section will cover the windscreen wiper circuit and the final drawing will show the complete wiring diagram. Please let me know if you spot any errors so they can be corrected before I upload the final AutoCAD file Link to PDF download https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0OCjgNgn85aZG5RTmV3V0pyS28 This file is published under the GPL licence, so everyone is free to modify and share it, but the same restrictions apply to any derivatives. Cheers Howard
  15. Driving along normally at about 40 - 45 mph. Suddenly the front end starts shimmying like an epileptic belly-dancer. After 15 or 20 seconds, everything settles down again and it drives perfectly for the next half an hour. Repeat at irregular intervals. 1) Tyres are worn to slightly different diameters and sometimes come into destructive resonance. 2) One or both front tyres have lost balance weights. 3) Loose nuts. 4) Worn bearings. 5) Worn steering mechanism. 6) Other cause?
  16. I've had a search through the forums 'brake upgrade' messages and can't find reference to using these on a TR7. I've just been offered a pair of complete front struts from an 85 3500SE. How much modification am I looking at to use the 4 pot calipers on my 76 TR7 ? Is there any chance the result would fit inside 13 inch alloy wheels? If everything fits would I need to change the master cylinder? Regards, Colin
  17. Have decided I need to get my heap finished before I can decide it's fate so need to get it to stop better. First up is upgrading the brake servo, what are people using? Anyone tried a Rover SD1 unit? Cheers.
  18. Hi all, My brake servo wasn't holding a vacuum, it works and passed the MOT but if you sit with your foot on the brake and switch the engine off, you can feel the pedal start to push back. I checked the non return valve with a Miti Vac and by blowing through it and it definitely works. So I thought it must have a hole in the diaphragm and duly purchased a servo. The problem is this one is exactly the same so I no longer think its a diaphragm issue. I am no expert on Servos, but it looks to me that the vacuum side is sealed by the master Cylinder, but when I removed the master the only thing that looks like it might be a seal is a black ring on the cylinder where it sits inside the recess. and unless there's a bit missing it doesn't look like it'll seal anything. Has a PO fitted the master and missed out a vital seal?
  19. Trebor

    Stuck Clutch

    Just to say thanks guys, my car was laid up for winter/spring and I went to take her out. The gears were selectable with the engine off, when running they wouldn't engage....so a search on our site revealed what I had to do, job done I was out in the sun for a run, If it wasnt for this site it would have taken me longer to sort A salutary lesson for me....
  20. looking for aset of wheels for my rally project im still using tr7 pcd id like a set of 9x15 rear 8x15 fronts but failed to find out what the off sets are on the wheels they need to fill out arches also looking for a floor mounted pedal box any one help? may consider changing pcd to ford fitment but who and where do they carry out this work? cheers guys
  21. Have a set of TR7 Alloys to put on my Dolomite but do I need to use TR7 wheel nuts or will I be able to use my sprint alloy ones? If not does anybody have a set for sale 3/8 I believe? Thanks Rich
  22. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a view as to the best quality front wing lower repair panels. Both Robsport and Rimmers list them, but there is a difference in the pricing. Many thanks Brett
  23. Since I am now the proud owner of a 1982 TR7 DHC, I thought I would look into replacing the seats with a safer more modern seat (like the MGF seats I have in the Vitesse, a pretty common swap). There seems to be a lot written around the pro's and con's of this in the TR7/8, and that the factory seats are very good when in good nick, which I totally agree with; but I can't find a definitive thread showing seats that people have installed and feedback as to how they found them in use, too high, too wide etc. So what has been fitted? what do they look like? whats are the catches to fitting them? pictures please I have also attached a poll for some of the swaps I have seen (got a funny feeling 'factory' will come out on top on this one).
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