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  • HCR 2024 - How To Enter

    Following a successful restart for this event in 2023, Club Triumph is delighted to be running the HISTORIC COUNTIES RUN once again in 2024.

    The HCR is a “navigational scatter” event; it will be held over the weekend of the 13th – 14th April, and is open to all members. All entrants will be required to hold a current (free) MotorsportUK RS Clubman competition licence which must be produced at signing on. These licences are currently free and are quick and easy to obtain.

    What is the Historic Counties Run (HCR)? What will happen and when?

    As it did in 2023, the event will start at the fabulous Great British Car Journey, Unit 4 Derwent Works, Ambergate DE56 2HE. However, if you took part last year, after the start don’t expect to be revisiting locations from 2023! More information about the start venue can be found at:-

    Formal registration at the start venue will open at 5.30pm on Saturday 13th April. All entrants will need to be at the start venue by 6.00pm; the entry fee will include a meal at the start of the event, which will also be served around 6.00pm.

    With dinner underway, there will be a briefing, during which all entrants will be issued with an envelope of instructions. The instructions will include two lists of Historic Counties (one list of “mandatory” counties, and one list of “optional” counties), and a list of “points of interest”.

    When the briefing is finished, entrants will need to plan a route to the “half way” stop. This route must include visiting all the “mandatory” counties. Entrants may visit as many of the “optional” counties and “points of interest” as they wish to. The route is “free form” – i.e. you may choose to go in any direction. However, you will definitely not be able to visit all the potential counties or points of interest… if you try to do so, you will be very late to the half-way point and/or the finish point!

    Entrants will need to provide evidence of each county and/or location they have visited. This may be by providing a receipt, or by taking a digital photograph. Evidence will be examined at the half-way stop (for the first half) and at the end of the event (for the second half). 

    The location of the half-way stop will be advised at the start of the event but will be a motorway service station where hot food and drinks will be available at entrants cost. All entrants will need to arrive at the half-way stop no earlier than 12:30am on Sunday 14th, and no later than 01:30am. Entrant’s arrival at the half-way stop will be timed. 30 minutes after arrival, entrants will be issued with the second half instructions, which will be a similar format to the first half of the event (i.e. a list of mandatory counties, a list of optional counties, and a new list of points of interest). Late arrivals at the half-way point will incur penalty points.

    Entrants will need to then complete the second half of the event and arrive at the finish location no earlier than 7:30am (and no later than 8:30am, as an incentive breakast is to be served around 8.15am) otherwise penalty points again will be incurred. The finish location will be advised in the second half instructions but will be in the Lincoln area.

    At the finish of the event, breakfast will be available (included in the entry price), the scores will be totalled up, and winners will be announced!

    It is expected that participants will cover at least 300 miles during the 12 hours of the event. Participants will be responsible for their own fuel costs.

    Entrants may also wish to visit The Great British Car Journey before the event, we would advise allowing a couple of hours if you wish to do so.

    What do I need to bring to the event?

    Entrants will need to provide:-

    • Smart phone or tablet
    • Camera (smart phone camera will be more than good enough)
    • A recent touring map of Britain
    • A good torch
    • Pen/pencil, a soft clipboard (see below) or similar
    • A suitable clock or watch

    Please note that any clipboards used should be of crushable cardboard or similar material, and not rigid to minimise the risk of injury in the event of any accidents.

    Entrants will not need a map of the Historic Counties, this will be provided within the instruction pack.


    The objective of the event is to plot and drive a route from a supplied list of mandatory and optional location points, it will not be possible to visit all of them. At all locations it will be necessary to stop and gather evidence of being there (photographic), this will need to be provided at the mid-way stop, and at the end of the event. Full details of the scoring system will be confirmed in the briefing at the event start. This event is not a race and the event as a whole is not timed although there will be a time limit with penalty points being awarded for finishing late. The competitive aspect of this event is provided solely by means of collecting points.

    How do I enter?

    Entry will be via the Club Triumph shop (follow the link below)

    The entry will be £32 per team member (minimum/optimum team size is 2 members).

    The event is limited to a maximum of 30 teams. Entries may be withdrawn until the 31st March, by notifying the organising committee. Withdrawn entries will be subject to a 20% cancellation fee to cover club administration costs. When all entries are filled, a reserve list will be operated.

    The organising committee may be contacted at 07920 253160 (Chris Andrews) or 07970 838152 (Annie Andrews)

    Entry List

    The entry list will be published on the Club Triumph website.

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