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  • Ten Countries Run 

    The 10CR was the brain child of the late Martin Randle, ex-Competitions Secretary and dear friend of many club members. He writes below how it was born…

    “Having completed my second Club Triumph Round Reliability Britain Run in October 2002, I remember sitting in the Plough at the end of the event commenting how great it had all been. It really felt as if I belonged to a club within a club that met once every two years. I also began to feel that I should do something for Club Triumph as well so that I could help keep tradition alive.

    An opportunity arose in the October newsletter when the positions of Competition Secretary and Club Librarian became vacant. I spoke to Derek Pollock and took on Club Librarian, followed quickly by back issues officer. I then felt that I should attend a committee meeting and consequently undertook the 450-mile round trip one Monday night at the end of 2002.

    The position of Competition Secretary had still not been filled so I volunteered for that too! It was at this meeting that I first ventured the question of a Round Europe Run. It was decided that a private proving run would be a good idea if I were willing to undertake it, which of course, I was! Tim Hunt and Tim Bancroft immediately volunteered to join me quickly followed by Ellis Stokes. In the January 2003 edition of Club Torque I introduced myself in the letters page and posed the questions “If it is possible to drive 2000 miles round in 48 hours, is it possible to drive 2000 miles round Europe in 48 hours? I think it is and, if I am correct, is there anyone who would like to join me?”

    The route was put together over a few weeks around Christmas and January 2003 and a website started thanks to Dean Martin who had learned of the run from Ellis’ website. As a result the event grew and grew until it came to fruition with 16 cars starting this low key private proving run!

    The cars set off from ‘The Plough’ at Crews Hill at Friday lunchtime on September 8th 2003. We then drove down to Dover before an incident filled overnight run through . The Saturday brought the fantastic roads of the French Alps south from Grenoble to Nice. This section included mile after mile of wonderful scenery, hairpin bends and very large drops off the side of the roads – the whole run was worthwhile for this alone.

    An overnight in Nice was followed by a swim in the Med in Nice Port and then departure for home. Next in line was Monte Carlo on a Sunday morning where even the up-market residents appreciated our line of Triumphs as we moved on to Menton and then the mountain roads again into .

    Next halt was an evening meal by the banks of Lake Maggiorre organised by a local TR4A enthusiast followed by an overnight drive through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium before returning to ‘The Plough’ on Monday evening.

    13 of the 16 crews made it back with many a tale to be told. The question posed had been answered, yes, it is possible to drive through 10 countries over a long weekend and a counterpart to the Round Britain reliability run has been established.

    It was great to be part of a pioneering event but there are plenty more 10CRs to be enjoyed!”

    Since Martin wrote this, further ‘official’ Club Triumph 10CRs have taken place, every two years, seeing up to 80 cars start each event. The event has since extended by a day to allow extra over night stops. The run always includes a mix of fast national roads (watch for the cameras) and some fantastic Alpine passes, finishing with the all important final evening at Rolduc in the Netherlands.

    Pictures of the previous runs can be viewed via the links on this site.

    If you have never taken part in the 10CR, you really should give it a go. It is the cheapest way to be part of an organised trip of like-minded Triumph owners, having fun driving their cars around some of the best roads in Europe. 

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