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  1. Hi Chris, I think there was a bit of a misunderstanding but I've had this reply from Tim. Hi Chris, According to my records, the car was used on the 2018 RBRR by Allan and Lee Ellingworth. I have their contact details, would you like to me to contact them and ask if you can contact them? Regards, Tim Bancroft CT RBRR etc
  2. Tim Bancroft is your best bet for this info.
  3. I was forwarded the following link by a friend who thought I might know someone who would be interested. https://auctions.silverlake.co.uk/Lot/ed00f5fe-adf7-4054-afdd-a6ef7a0e48ef Neither me nor my mate have any affiliation with the sellers and I know nothing more than is in the advert.
  4. Had a nice Drive it Day trip to Kidderminster 🙂
  5. We were all just gazing in wonder at the beauty of a mk1 engine bay. 😊
  6. Which one would that be then Tim? 😂
  7. Sills now sold as well
  8. The steering wheel's now been sold.
  9. Available to take to Stoneleigh. All for 2000/2500. Pair of inner sills NOS £200 Mk2 grill £50 Pair of mk2 trailing arms £50 2 mk2 2000 dashboards - make me an offer Mk2 2000 steering wheel £10 5 steel wheels (13") with decent tyres £40 4 wheel trims £20
  10. Chap who's new to Triumphs and expressed an interest in joining the club so hopefully we haven't seen the last of it 🙂
  11. Hi Steve Not today, got someone coming tomorrow morning as well though. I'll set myself a reminder to let you know what happens.
  12. Hi Dan I'd be wary about using a coating on the inside of the tank. If the prepared surface isn't perfect the coating can peel off and block the outlet - ask me how I know! The problem is that inspecting the inside of the tank prior to application is tricky to say the least and you never know if it's good enough. Obviously I don't know your budget but I'd be considering a new or at least good second hand tank instead. New won't be cheap but Stoneleigh is less than 2 weeks away and you might find a decent one there for less. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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