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  1. Thank you. We had a quick top up there in 2014. Good to know they have super unleaded if needed.
  2. The 2 South Coast Runs I got around 30. 1200 ish miles each time on mostly quicker roads. Border Raiders (400 miles on the event plus about 500 to and from) was a bit less, something like 27-28, but on hillier windy roads.
  3. For those in the know - Binky 36 already!! Transmission bypass a thing of beauty!
  4. Hi David RPI are just outside Norwich. They might not be so useful for bodywork etc but they know everything there is to know about Rover V8 engines. There's also Anglian Triumph Services in Norfolk, run by CT member David Aspinall.
  5. Don't know if anyone else follows it but the latest Project Binky is out - episode 35, it's finally coming together! (and looks superb)
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