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  • DPMR 2024 - Welcome & Regs

    Announcement: The Club Triumph Derek Pollock Memorial Rally, a 12 Car Navigational Rally, will take place on Sunday 3rd March, 2024 starting at 08:30 and finishing at approximately 15:00. 

    The start and finish venue is The Coach House, Market Square, Potton, SG19 2NP. Map reference 153/223.75 492.5.

    Jurisdiction: The event will be held as a Clubman's 12 Car Navigational Rally under the General Regulations of Motorsport UK, these Supplementary Regulations and any Final Instructions issued. Motorsport UK Route Approval and Permit are being applied for. 

    Eligibility: The event is open to all members of Club Triumph and non- members providing that the main entrant is a Club Triumph member. However, all entrants must hold a current (free) Motorsport UK RS Clubman competition licence which should be produced at signing on. You can apply here: https://apply-rsclubman.motorsportuk.org/landing

    Vehicles: The event is open to crews of two in any model of Triumph or Standard motor car or special based on a Triumph or Standard motor car. Other vehicles can be used, but no points towards the Club Triumph championships will be awarded. 

    Officials: Clerk of the Course: Nigel Abdullah [07970 473 986], Assistant Clerk of the Course: Dale Barker [07887 991 667] 

    Entries & Meals: The Entry Fee is £10 per crew. Meals are not included in the entry fee, but can be pre-ordered at the time of entry to give sufficient notice to The Coach House, and paid for on the day. Food is available at the finish, up until 15:30.  The menu can be found here: https://www.clubtriumph.co.uk/files/category/6-dpmr/

    The entry list opens on publication of these Regulations and Entry Form. The entry list closes finally on Sunday 25th February and anyone asking for an entry after this date may be refused. 

    Refunds for the withdrawal of entry (less a fee of £3 to cover costs) will be made if received prior to the later closing date. Please submit entries online via the website. The Club reserves the right to cancel the event should 5 or fewer crews enter, in which case entry monies will be refunded to all crews. Maximum entry will be 12 cars. A reserve list will be operated should this number be exceeded. The Entry List will be published on the Club Triumph website. 

    Drivers meeting / briefing: The drivers meeting and briefing will be held at 09:00. Crews arriving after the briefing may well be refused entry to the event. 

    The purpose of this briefing is to ensure that all entrants fully understand the rules and objectives of the event as explained in this document, the final instructions, and are made aware of any last minute safety notices or route instructions. 

    Documentation / Scrutineering: Signing in will take place upon arrival. The first set of route cards will be handed to crews at 1 minute intervals immediately after the drivers briefing. 

    Vehicles and crew must be insured as required by the Road Traffic Act – most classic car insurance policies provide cover for this type of event when organised by a recognised club but if unsure you should contact your insurers and ask. Low cost event specific insurance is available through Motorsport UK, if required please see the Club website under 'Rallies>12 Car' or contact the organisers. The vehicle must be currently taxed and have a valid MoT certificate unless exempt. It is recommended that vehicles carry at least 1 warning triangle (2 can often be much safer), a tow rope, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. Please note that any crew arriving at the start with racing numbers attached to their car will be asked to remove them, however vehicles will not be scrutineered. Please remember that this event is not a race and is not timed. 

    Objective: The objective of the event is to plot and drive a specific route from supplied route section clues, which will be in a number of differing formats. Sections will be handed out to crews sequentially i.e. once a crew has finished plotting a section they must hand that route instruction sheet back to the organisers and collect the next one. The time taken to plot some or all of the route may be timed and used as a tie-break. Along the route there will be code boards to be noted down, thus enabling crews to provide evidence that they have driven the correct route. You will not be required to stop to note down these code boards. Completed clue sheets will be collected from the crews at certain points along the route if advised and at the finish. Penalty points (Fails) will be incurred for missed code boards, incorrect code boards or code boards recorded in the wrong section. These penalty points will be collated at the end of the event to decide the crews' positions and awards. 

    Full details of the scoring system will be provided in the Final Instructions which will be sent to crews in the week preceding the event. This event is not a race and the event as a whole is not timed, although there may be one or more 'Regularity' sections for which the objective is to travel from point to point in a specified time, with penalty points being awarded for finishing early or late. The competitive aspect of this event is solely by means of avoiding collecting penalty points. 

    Costs: All expenses such as car preparation, fuel, etc. are to be met by the crews. 

    Awards: Awards will be presented at the finish as follows: 

    1st Expert and 1st Novice; further awards may be presented at the organisers discretion. Points will be awarded towards either a) the Club Triumph Drivers and Co-Drivers Championships or b) the Club Triumph 

    Competitors Challenge at the competitors' discretion and also the Club Triumph Rallies Mini-Series. 

    Route: The route will be approximately 75 miles in length and is split into a number of sections. The route is made up of mainly small country roads passing through a number of small towns and villages in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire. 

    Transport Sections may use or re-use roads that are also used as the competitive route. 

    Entrants must NEVER cross their own route- i.e. if using the same crossroads twice you may only do so by turning left on both occasions to avoid breaking this rule. 

    Driving Standards: All towns and villages are considered "Quiet Zones" requiring the extinguishing of main beam headlights and auxiliary lamps (if being used) and passage through the area quietly in the highest gear practical. You are at all times required to drive within the requirements of the road traffic act, to observe traffic law, all speed limits and to drive with courtesy to other road users and participants. Failure to do so may lead to exclusion from the event - remember you are representing the Club. There will be a Driving Standards Observer at one or more points around the route who will enforce any penalties relating to driving standards, as described within the Final Instructions. 

    Control Stops: These are adjudged to be the Start, any additional Stops notified in the Final Instructions and the Finish. All crews must be signed in at each of these. Should you have to withdraw during the event please contact the organisers, whose details will be published and issued as part of the Final Instructions

    Equipment: In addition to the optional safety equipment previously detailed, the following equipment will be necessary: 

    • OS map used to plot the route is Landranger Map 153, Bedford & Huntingdon revised Sept. 2021 [tree-lined track on cover]. To ensure you have the correct version, grid square 2248, has a roundabout in it. Earlier versions, also with tree-lined track WILL NOT WORK! 
    • Pencils, eraser, map-board, rally-romer. 
    • A suitable clock or watch 
    • A method of measuring distance (in miles, for ease of use) on a 1:50,000 scale OS Landranger map. (Some romers have a suitable scale on a curved edge for this). 

    Data Protection: Prospective entrants and competitors are advised that information supplied on the entry form will be held on computer and will only be used for administration of the event. Please be aware that entrants' names and basic car details may be posted on Club Triumph's website with the results. 

    COVID-19: The event will follow the latest MsUK COVID-19 guidance as at the time of event. This may or may not include requirements for: the wearing of face masks at certain times, lateral flow testing prior to the event or social distancing. As Government and MsUK advice may change between now and the date of the event, any such requirements will be given in the Final Instructions. 

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