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Local Area Group covering North Hampshire, West Surrey and East Berkshire. This is a joint group with the TSSC Hants & Berks Area and the Triumph Dolomite Club Hampshire Area and in fact we welcome people whether they are a member of one of the clubs or not as long as they have in interest in Triumphs. Our Area meets are at the Twesledown Pub, Church Crookham, Fleet GU52 8DY and are on the first Tuesday of each month from about 8pm onwards . Our meetings are very informal, a fairly small group, if we get half a dozen cars turning up that is a busy night! Local area members go to other local classic car club meets in the area, national Club Triumph and TSSC meets. Some of the members also take part in long distance Club Triumph events like the Round Britain Run and 10 countries run. The Group is actively managed via our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/310883038953179 so this is the best single place to find out what is going on or contact members beings that it is a joint group with the TSSC and TDC.
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  2. Come and join us at The Tweseldown for our monthly meeting. Please check with the event organiser before travelling.

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