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  • 10CR 2024 - Terms and Conditions

    1. Announcement: The 2024 Ten Countries Run as organised by Club Triumph will take place between Tuesday 3rd September 2024 and Saturday 7th September 2024, starting at approx 09.00hrs on the Tuesday and finishing early evening on the following Saturday. The event will start in France (exact location to be confirmed) and finish at Rolduc Abbey, Heyendallaan 82, 6464 EP KERKRADE, The Netherlands.

    2. Jurisdiction: The event will be held under the general rules of MSUK as a Touring Assembly and those supplementary regulations and any written instructions that the organising club may issue for the event.

    3. Eligibility: The event is open to all members of Club Triumph and non-members providing that the main entrant is a Club Triumph member.
    4. Vehicles: The event is open to crews of two or more in any model of Standard or Triumph motor car or ‘special’ based on these. 
    5. Entries, Entry List and Withdrawals: The Entry Fee is £160 for each member of a crew. The entry list opens on publication of these Rules and closes on 1st August 2024. Entries will only be accepted online via the Club website. The Club reserves the right to cancel the event should five or less crews enter; entry money will be returned to any crews entered. Maximum entry will be 80 cars and a reserve list will be operated if this number is exceeded. An Entry List will be published on the Club Triumph website. Full refunds less £30 per person for the withdrawal of entry will be made if received prior to 31st May 2024, after that date refunds will be made on a discretionary basis by the Organisers. This charge covers the Club’s costs. Contact Ellis Stokes to withdraw.
    6. Drivers Meetings: A driver meeting will be held before the event, further details will be advised at a later date.
    7. Documentation/Scrutineering: The signing in will take place an hour prior to the start time at the nominated start point. Crews arriving after this time will be refused entry into the event. A disclaimer is to be signed that states that the car and crew are insured as required by the Road Traffic Act, and that the vehicle is currently taxed, has a valid MOT certificate (or maintained to an equivalent level) and is carrying the legal identity / registration of the vehicle.
    8. Objective: The objective of the event is to visit the designated countries passing through controls including the overnight stops. The event is not a race, is not timed and has no competitive aspect. As the event is not competitive no prizes will be awarded. Please do not drive if tired, it is perfectly acceptable for other crew members to drive the car (if legal to do so).

    9. Route, Navigation and Driving Behaviour: The route will be about 2000 miles on public roads mainly with sealed surfaces. The route provided is suggested only and is not mandatory. You should be aware that some of the roads used are uneven and care should be exercised on low-slung vehicles where some protection to the vehicle may be considered. A Road Book containing an advisory route and a Control Stop signing form will be issued to all crews at the Drivers Meeting prior to the start of the event. Participants must at all times comply with the requirements of the Road Traffic Acts and laws of the countries driven in. They should drive in a responsible and considerate manner at all times. Failure to do so may result (after an official warning) in exclusion from the event. 
    10. Start: - Cars will not be set off in any particular order but will be helped to leave the start by Club Triumph Marshals.
    11. Controls: A number of controls which crews should endeavour to visit will be included in the run. These will include the overnight stops. Further details will be published with the route, however, again it should be stressed – this is not mandatory.
    12. Finish: At the finish each crew must sign in and present their Road Book to the Finishing Marshal. Should you have to withdraw during the event please contact the Club Triumph Control Officer whose details will be published and issued as part of the Final Instructions.
    13. Mileage/Fuel/Tolls: As a guide the total mileage should not exceed 2200 miles. Fuel & Toll costs are the responsibility of the entrants (i.e. not included in the entry fee). Helpful hints regarding purchasing fuel will be included in the road book (based on previous experiences).
    14. Equipment: In addition to the optional safety equipment stated in Rule 7, the following equipment will be necessary: an up to date spiral bound (easier to use) Road Atlas(es) covering the countries on the route (A4 size),  Pencils, eraser, paper, a soft clipboard and a map light.
    15. Accommodation: Overnight stops are planned for every night of the 10CR 2024. These will be along the route, ending on Saturday at the finish point in Kerkrade, Netherlands. Accommodation at the finish point in Kerkrade (Rolduc Abbey) is included in your entry fee. Accommodation requirements for the other nights are to be organised and paid for by the crews and are not included in the entry fee (hotel recommendations / suggested areas will be given in due course). At Rolduc Abbey, for those with three crew members, the third may have to share a room with another similar team. Please advise the organiser by email if you know someone you would prefer to share with. Single rooms are unlikely to be available in order to maximise the number of entrants able to take part in the event.
    16. Meals: Whilst staying at Rolduc Abbey, a buffet dinner is included in your entry fee, however breakfast is not, but is offered at additional cost – this can be purchased when you check in at the hotel upon arrival. Please indicate any special dietary requirements on your entry form. Entrants must provide/purchase all other food and drink to be consumed during the run.
    17. Channel Crossings: Any channel crossings required for the run (for UK entrants) are not included in the entry fee, although the organisers will endeavour to secure a group booking deal with a discount.
    18. Officials: 
    Clerk of the Course: Ellis Stokes (+ 44 7968 852522)
    Assistant Clerk of the Course: Theo Boonen (+31 6215 22555)

    Data Protection: Prospective entrants and competitors are advised that information supplied on the entry form will be held on computer and will only be used for administration of the event. Do be aware that entrant’s names and car details will be posted on Club Triumph’s website.

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