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  • Autosolos

    Autosolos are a relatively new form of low cost, non specialist motor sport for the UK, using road going cars and are equally enjoyable for novices and experienced competitors.

    Autosolo in the UK is a form of Motorsport based around the principles of autotesting, the main differences being that the tests are run in a forward direction only and are usually slightly faster and more open than traditional Autotests. Courses are usually larger than those for Autotesting, and as the courses are laid out to run in one direction, it's common for more than 1 car to be on the course at the same time.

    The routes are made as clear as possible, so you can concentrate on achieving your best time, rather than on remembering the way. Compared to traditional autotesting, the tests don't involve specialised techniques such as spin turns and can involve a little more speed through the corners.

    Cars must be taxed, insured, have an MOT certificate if their age requires, and be driven to the event. Safety and organisational requirements are similar to autotests, which keeps costs and entry fees low.

    Helmets and overalls aren't needed and for Autosolos which run under Clubsport permits you won't need a competition licence, just your membership card of the organising club, or one of the invited clubs.

    Route marking pointer cones, lying on their side, show you which side of the main cone to pass.

    Club Triumph members used to compete nationally in Autotests in the 60s and 70s, one or two going on to enjoy good success. In the mid-eighties a few members seeking to stay competitive built Autotest specials and did rather well. These members eventually split from Club Triumph to form the 'Warwick Drivers Club' a club that to these days still organises Autotest events. Club Triumph members took part in the 2011 Warwick Drivers Club Autosolo at Rugby, all acquitting themselves well.

    Four years ago, Club Triumph members were invited to take part in an Autosolo event run by the Dolphin Motor Club in Berkshire. Coming back from this event with a favourable report a few more then starting taking part in Oxford Motor Club events and then other regional Motor Club's events. These events now form the Club Triumph Autosolo Mini Series. Since 2009 Club Triumph has run its own Autosolo event which is run for Historic type cars and is part of the above series.

    As with all motorsports in the UK, Autosolos are goverened by theMotor Sports Association(MSA) and regulations for them are listed under 'Part M Autotests' of the 'Blue Book'

    The inspiration for Autosolos comes from the USA, where they're mainly known as 'Solo 2's' (but sometimes as Autocross, and in Canada, AutoSlaloms).


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