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  • Welcome to the Historic Counties Run 2024

    Announcement: The Club Triumph Historic Counties Navigational Scatter Rally, a Navigational Scatter Rally, will take place on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April 2024 starting at 18:00 Saturday and finishing at approximately 08:00 on Sunday morning. The start will be at The Great British Car Journey, Derwent Works, Ambergate, Derbyshire DE56 2HE and the finish venue will be in Lincolnshire.

    Jurisdiction: The event will be held as a Clubman’s Navigational Scatter Rally under the General Regulations of Motorsport UK, these Supplementary Regulations and any Final Instructions which may be issued. MotorsportUK Route Authorisation and Permit are being applied for.

    Eligibility: The event is open to all members of Club Triumph and non-members providing that the main entrant is a Club Triumph member. Members of other MsUK registered clubs may also be granted entry by invitation but initial entry priority will be given to CT members. However, all entrants must hold a current (free) Motorsport UK RS Clubman competition licence which should be produced at signing on.

    Vehicles: The event is open to crews of two or more (crews of three or four will incur penalty points) in any model of Triumph or Standard motor car or special based on a Triumph or Standard motor car. Other vehicles can be used, but no points towards the Club Triumph championships will be awarded.

    Officials: Clerk of the Course: Chris Andrews (07920 253160), Assistant Clerk of the Course: Annie Andrews (07970 838152).

    Entries & Meals: The Entry Fee is £32 per crew member (minimum of two), which includes a dinner and breakfast - you will be contacted once your entry is confirmed regarding food choices. 

    The entry list opens on publication of these Supplementary Regulations and Entry Form. The entry list closes on 31st March and anyone applying for an entry after this date may be refused. Refunds for the withdrawal of entry will be made if received prior to the final closing date less a fee of 20% to cover the administration cost to the Club. Please submit entries online via the website. The Club reserves the right to cancel the event should five or fewer crews enter, in which case all entry monies will be refunded to all crews. Maximum entry will be 30 cars. A reserve list will be operated should this number be exceeded. The Entry List will be published on the Club Triumph website.

    Drivers meeting / briefing: The drivers briefing will commence at 18:15 at The Great British Car Journey and will be held indoors in their facilities. Crews arriving after the briefing may be refused entry to the event. The purpose of this briefing is to ensure that all entrants fully understand the rules and objectives of the event, as explained in this document and any Final Instructions, and are made aware of any last minute safety notices or route instructions.

    Documentation / Scrutineering: Signing in will take place from 17:30 on the appropriate form circulated once you have sent your entry in. Dinner will be served at 18:00. The first set of route instructions will be handed to crews at 18:15. Vehicles and crew must be insured as required by the Road Traffic Act – most classic car insurance policies provide cover for this type of event when organised by a recognised club but if unsure you should contact your insurers and ask. Low cost event specific insurance is available through Motorsport UK, if required please see the Club website under ‘Rallies>12 Car’ or contact the organisers. The vehicle must be currently taxed and have a valid MoT certificate unless exempt. It is recommended that vehicles carry at least 1 warning triangle (2 can often be much safer), a tow rope, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. Please note that any crew arriving at the start with racing numbers attached to their car will be asked to remove them, however vehicles will not be scrutineered. Please remember that this event is not a race and is not timed.

    Objective: The objective of the event is to plot and drive a route from a supplied list of mandatory and optional location points, it will not be possible to visit all of them. At all locations it will be necessary to stop and gather evidence of being there (photographic), this will need to be provided at the mid-way stop, and at the end of the event. Full details of the scoring system will be confirmed in the briefing at the event start. This event is not a race and the event as a whole is not timed although there will be a time limit with penalty points being awarded for finishing late. The competitive aspect of this event is provided solely by means of collecting points.

    Costs: All expenses such as car preparation, fuel, etc. are to be met by the crews.

    Awards: Awards will be presented at the finish once all evidence has been presented and any penalties applied. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Points will be awarded, at the competitors’ discretion, towards either a) the Club Triumph Drivers and Co-Drivers Championships or b) the Club Triumph Competitors Challenge and also the Club Triumph Rallies Mini-Series.

    Driving Standards: All towns and villages are considered “Quiet Zones” requiring the extinguishing of main beam headlights and auxiliary lamps (if being used) and passage through the area quietly in the highest gear practical. You are at all times required to drive within the requirements of the road traffic act, to observe traffic law, all speed limits and to drive with courtesy to other road users and participants. Failure to do so may lead to exclusion from the event – remember you are representing the Club. There will be a Driving Standards Observer at one or more points who will enforce any penalties relating to driving standards, as described within the Final Instructions.

    Control Stops: These are adjudged to be the Start and midpoint notified in the Final Instructions and at the Finish. All crews must be signed in at each of these. Should you have to withdraw during the event, please contact the organisers, whose details will be published and issued as part of the Final Instructions.

    Equipment: In addition to the optional safety equipment previously detailed, the following equipment will be necessary:

    • All entrants/crew need to bring a valid MS UK Clubman Licence and where applicable their club membership cards for inspection at sign-on
    • Smart phone or tablet
    • Camera (smart phone camera will be more than good enough)
    • A recent touring map of Britain
    • A good torch
    • Pen/pencil, a clipboard or similar
    • A suitable clock or watch

    Please note that any clipboards used should be of crushable cardboard or similar material, and not rigid, to minimise the risk of injury in the event of any accidents.

    Data Protection: Prospective entrants and competitors are advised that information supplied on the entry form will be held on computer and will only be used for administration of the event. Please be aware that entrants’ names and basic car details may be posted on Club Triumph’s website with the results.

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