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  1. Theo, the first pic of the FHC in the snow on the 10CR, what year was that...2007?
  2. Ben, Here is my car, now owned for 37.5 years and still going strong, its a keeper!
  3. Out in the garage and got thinking about the tools that I own that are the ones that I have that I enjoy using or use the most. Be good to see what other Forum users like the best out of their tool box. So my mine (at the moment) are: 1. Two Bonney imperial AF spanners (the long 9/16 & 5/8 combination spanner is useful for stubborn driveshaft bolts) and a Halfords 1/2AF ratchet ring spanner. 2. Snap on ratchet screwdriver 3. Sealey magnetic rechargeable torch (This was recommended to me by Dave Kent of this Club and Forum...its excellent) 4. Kielder3/8 drive
  4. I fitted park lane foams to my GT6 seats with Newton Commercials covers, marvellous, used cable ties not hog rings as suggested by Owen at Park Lane. All fine. Only problem is that the foams are so good, I seem to sit slightly too high, resulting in a feeling that I am 'on' the car , not 'in' the car. Money well spent and far better for these small sports cars than Mazda MX5 seats. I have MX5 seats in my TR6, they suit the car better.
  5. Ian, I realise that fitting the chrome finisher to late Spits and GT6s is a pain, but cars do look unfinished without them. I would persevere. Otherwise though, how is the car coming along?
  6. Never understood the criticism that is levelled at Greenstuff pads, I have never had a problem. Fitted to my GT6 and TR6, I see no reason to change.
  7. I know Charlie had been poorly for sometime, so sad to hear. Always a massive supporter of the RBRR and of Club Triumph. The 2018 was the first RBRR since the 70s that Charlie had not marshaled on. He had a great sense of humour and could be relied upon to have a big smile and a yarn at Edinburgh Airport and Morrison's Garage when signing one's road book. Blimey, the old CT guard is changing. Sad times.
  8. Did'nt go out in my car, fitted new springs to the TR6 instead.....why does the TR range need to have 11 nuts undone to change a front spring? Small chassis cars need 5 undone, one of those just partially undone at that....appreciate the TR is a heavier and more tractor (!) like machine....but the front suspension is a pain!
  9. Gawd, that's the neighbourhood gone then...! Better set him up a page for weird Triumph cars as well! Also, sorry to add, but how about a gallery page for Competition cars: Works and Non-Works? These websites are an evolving beast!
  10. I have been messing around with road springs for my TR6. Fitted Moss TT4216 to the rear and Rimmer's 420lb 1 inch lowered to the front (Moss have stopped selling uprated springs at present. The rears were NOS from Dave Picton). Otherwise, lots of small jobs being done. My Saloon which is with James Godfrey-Dunne having major bodywork done, is progressing nicely. New roof on now! Will post some pics soon.
  11. James, impressive gauge....looking forward to seeing the car in a couple of weeks time.
  12. Is it me, or are Triumph cars starting to hit prices that seem too much? For example: This mk1 GT6...nice car, but........ https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1332083
  13. Tim Bancroft

    M I A

    Just been thinking that one or two old regulars of the old site don't seem to have made the move.....'Cookie' for example. Are they on Facebook now...if so, why!
  14. By the way, where is Mark? Also, where is Cookie?
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