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  1. I have booked the Hotels that Dave and I need, just need to arrange the ferry crossings....undecided about either Dover/Calais or Portsmouth/Le Harve?
  2. Also, one of them is an annoying person!
  3. I rent space in a barn for two of my cars. Landed in my lap as the owner was walking past one day and saw two Triumphs in the driveway, so popped in and asked if I was interested in renting some space..do check to see if work can be undertaken on site. So, if situated in the country, look at farms and see if any have barn space. Otherwise, small adverts in newsagent windows might throw something up. As for building a garage, I would always consult the Local Authority Planning Officer to find out the local planning conditions. For example, the Borough Council that I live within charges approx £60 to let one know if a)Planning consent is required and B) if one sends over a sketch of the proposed garage and location within the property site, if there is anything one should be aware off.
  4. Hi Paul, If you get no takers from here, try carandclassic.co.uk. Would advise that you spend a little time washing her and making her look presentable, don't hide any defects though. Take photos outside as they will give a better representation of the car. Looks like the car could be a nice basis for some light restoration and then provide some summer fun. Hardtop and overdrive make the car relatively desirable. Your price looks about right. Some may suggest ebay, but that site is full of similar cars..... Good luck.
  5. Hi, Anyone have a mk2 offside or Drivers Side outer sill panel available? Needed for the re-build of a Club car. Cash waiting! Tim Bancroft 07557 339 123
  6. Ian, Kas Kastner used to shave the rpofile of the mk2 bumper to increase airflow into the radiator...they also used to install a bespoke radiator with a tube header tank.
  7. Too much work needed, shame as it must have been a nice car...weirdly, someone has replaced the headlining!
  8. Very nice mk2 on carandclassic at the moment, big money though. In probably the best for the mk2...wedgewood or powder blue. I wonder if it was the car owned by Lewis Hamilton's dad, Anthony? He visited the start of the 2019 RBRR in a very similar car. £28K...!!!
  9. Pete, Mocal do some slim oil coolers. https://www.thinkauto.com/acatalog/Oil-Coolers.html Think Automotive distribute (possibly make them). Based near Heathrow Airport
  10. I understand that this will happen within the next 14 days.
  11. Hi all, I have the following parts to sell: 1 no. 2000 mk2 3.45 diff (Easily converted to mk1 mountings): Just rebuilt by Canley Classics and spot on....considerably less money than Rimmer or Paddock prices. Car Set: TR6 CP series seats: Useable as they are, but would make good base for re-builds using Newton covers and foams. 1no. TR4A LHS trailing arm 1no. 2000 mk2 LHS cross member Few sets of GT6/Vitesse/Spit/Herald wishbones If interested, contact me via message service on this forum. Collection or meet...no postage
  12. Might be an idea to cut the old oil filter in have when off the engine and have a good look at what is inside it? Try and cut it without leaving swarf as this will skew the findings. Valvoline VR1 or Classic Oils 20/50 are good oils.
  13. As ever a good Stoneleigh for me, sold some parts, but the ones I wished to sell did not go....actually ended up giving stuff away! I really enjoy Stoneleigh, always look upon it as a social as much as anything. How many Triumph cars parked in the barn set aside for MGs and Triumphs?
  14. Surely its just a matter of cost? The suggestion to ring Pete Barrett at Cherished makes sense.
  15. Google Spitfire mk3 wiring loom, you should be able to find a schematic that will show the positions of the wires.
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