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  1. These ARB drop links, for what car? If Spit/GT6/Herald/Vitesse, I'd fit a set of John Wofle's units. http://www.wolfitt.com/ £60 plus the usuals, but they actually work!
  2. We are actively talking to various organisations about carbon offset and it is hoped that the next RBRR and other CT events are offset in some correct manner.
  3. Years ago, I did a test day with a good bloke I know who races a Std Ten, and he had a AFR gauge, it seemed to me that this gauge was living up to his name...a worry gauge. I sometimes wonder if we all worry too much about such things, if the car is going well.....maybe that is because all is well?
  4. Plenty to read and digest here. I do not think we will be asking crews to prove their mechanical worth, not reasonable and a little unfair. We want to bring people into the Club and certainly don't want to encourage elitism. Back in 1966 I would imagine not many of the crews were mechanically versed, still maybe not as necessary as the cars should have been more reliable........... Def agree that more women taking part would be better, however, this old car hobby is a very blokey thing, so whilst its a nice thought, I cannot see the ratio changing. We did have two women crews taking part: Jess Cook/Steph Brake and Clare Pearson/Becky Whitehead. Experienced RBRR'er Katie Foreman withdrew on the eve. RallyAppLive: We were delighted with it, this will feature again in 2023. Docwad, Francis' phone was the one registered, not yours. We hope that it will be able to be used in 23 when 'running in the background'.
  5. Don't let Dave Pearson see that, or in fact Roger Keys, they seem to have a strange like for these LGVs
  6. I will need to replace the rubbers in the Clutch master cylinder soon. Otherwise, hapy to report the car is going well. Engine does feel tired now, 17 years since I bought her and nothing other than timing chain replaced. Some of that mileage has been hard, so the engine does need a re-fresh. Very pleased with the old car.
  7. Howard, you pedant!!! 🤥😊 Got to say, I do like your TR7 V8, looking forward to seeing it being 'driven' on next years 10CR!
  8. The amount we have publicised has always been before GA is added. I think we will get to £95K before Xmas and then we will get another spurt just before the CT Dinner in March that will push us past the £100K...that would be fantastic!!!! In eight months time, we will start to think about the 2023 Charity!
  9. Blimey, Konis have gone up...at the moment, Rimmers look cheaper..... https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-RL1359 https://larkspeed.com/shopper/i/896L801388 https://larkspeed.com/shopper/i/885L801389
  10. Get your hoses made by a supplier of hydraulic kit for construction/farm plant.
  11. I think its a Moss Malvern, Spitfire/Herald based?
  12. Pete, You plainly have not got any sanity, so time for a re-think! SBF, Considering the appearance of your forecourt, a cracking job is quite apt. I know a company that could do a brilliant job for you, not cheap, but excellent!
  13. Ben, Let us all know how you get on, ta!
  14. Howard, Fair play to you, on the eve of an event, you did not muck about, bought a V8, it was a bold move! Another Maroon TR7 owner bought an Acclaim...ying and yang eh!
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