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  1. Requires some work around the radiator as well as the engine is longer. But as the 2.3 /2.6 was an evolution of the Triumph engine it fits. I also heard that the twin cam version of this engine was dropped as it would have made the 2.6 SD1 faster than the 3500 Rover engined version.    
  2. No nipple, bearings greased for life. If you feel brave you could strip down and re-grease, but I wouldn't. Wait till the couplings need replacing and do it then, or invest in a pair of CV driveshafts.
  3. Might be a MkI PI wheel, I think they are a different boss. Its worth a few quid that wheel.
  4.   Do the hoses to the heater get hot? If so, I would suspect a blockage in the inlet manifold if a carb car. Try a loop pipe in place of the heater hoses and see if that gets hot?
  5. The shims I've seen only fit the the 3/8" UNF bolts (lower), not the 7/16" UNF bolts (upper). 
  6. Staked ones were fitted to the Stag Halfshafts, so the assemblies do not have the circlip groove machined.   HD sounds the best bet.
  7. I agree with Rob's points (did i really say that ) 😀   But please, make it faster.
  8. I am struggling with a really poor Internet connection 😬, but it does not look to be live yet. 😄
  9. Good luck, and I agree with the previous comments, probably worn cross-shaft bushes and a broken pin.   Just one note the 7/8" slave is correct for the 2000, the 1" slave is for the PI (and 2.5S) which had a heavier clutch pressure plate when new.
  10. Are they the same as other TR7 switches? If so, use connectors off an old wiring loom.
  11. I think the price comes down if you order two (or more). Might be worth trying to find another person?
  12. I wonder if its the side load of the O/D oil pump on the mainshaft that makes those boxes more problematical? I also trust Pete with my gearboxes.
  13. Yes, but I've seen several with fabricated ends that look like someone had made a batch. I think might be someone in the Netherlands? My MkIII had horrible cut and bent ends on the bumpers, but I like the look. The one thing about the MkIII, I don't like is the bone in the teeth front bumper. I would prefer 1/4 bumpers to the de-bumpered look.
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