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  1. Tim H That is an interesting post of yours. I have been battling to eliminate the squeal from the Mintex pads on our Stag. It's that final stopping when in traffic etc which sets my hairs on end! Regards Bruce
  2. An interesting idea and one that might work. Just bear in mind the lower power generated by E10 and reportedly lower fuel economy when compared to the no-longer available 95 E5.
  3. Skiach Services is showing on their website that they have changed their opening hours to 6am to 10pm due to staff shortages. Is this still a signing on point on the way north on Saturday morning and if it is, is the petrol station going to be open?
  4. Does anyone know if the Tesco petrol station at Crieff Road, Perth sells E5 momentum petrol?
  5. Friday evening Wetherby, North Street LS22 6NU , open to 11pm (Shell) Jedburgh (Shell) open 24 hours
  6. Hi All With the recent unwelcome introduction of E10 petrol UK wide and the exorbitant prices at Motorway Services I thought it might be a good idea for us to compile a list of petrol station on or very close to the RBRR route that sell E5 high octane petrol and will be open for business at the times we are passing. Thoughts? Regards Bruce
  7. On this years Coast to Coast event we averaged 33mpg in our Stag over the 870 miles. Obviously the Mpg was much better on the M56, M60, M62 sections getting from Cheshire to the start at Flamborough Head and then back home again than what we got on the roads over the Yorkshire Moors and Cumbrian Fells. Based on that route mix I am hoping for 35mpg overall on the RBRR. Bruce
  8. I am probably wrong but I thought the Rallyapplive was to do with us signing in electronically at the various checkpoints, and is nothing to do with being a navigational aid. A covid 19 prevention measure etc.
  9. I am amazed how you managed to get such a large engine to fit in that space! Impressive stuff👍
  10. Is there an opportunity to look around the museum whilst we are there? And if yes, do we have to pay an entry fee? I didn't get to the 2018 meeting as I had an incident on route.😖
  11. Our Stag "Ursula", and hopefully second time lucky for us. I feel we are much better organised and prepared this time! Bruce
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