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  1. It's a daft interior light. It's of little use if you are sitting in the car, ok so it lights up the ignition switch but when you get in you have to fumble to insert the key. Why put the switch down by your calves??? So, I got fed up with this and the lack of sensible wiper/washer stalks so fitted a late Spitfire column. Ahh, bliss...ignition switch up where it should be and decent stalks. One of the best modifications I've ever done (actually my mate John did most of it).
  2. I saw his car up for sale somewhere, can't remember where though!
  3. Well, I had to book the ferry crossing or lose it (£400!) so I'm going out on the Harwich - Hoek Van Holland (overnight) Sunday 4th Sept and returning on Sunday 11 Sept (overnight). I am making an assumption that the start is somewhere in Europe, stopping at a town the evening before the 'off'. With a party, somewhere, on Saturday 10 Sept. Just an assumption, hope I'm right.
  4. I'm having to book a Stena Line Harwich - Hoek by 1 Nov or I lose it. I booked this for a Dutch GT6 event that was cancelled. I can book it for any time up to 16 Dec 2022. Do we have at least the dates for the 10CR in 2022?
  5. Well, it nearly turned out a good story. Still, at least Eleanor has found out what happened to GPP 725G.
  6. Don Cook


    Dale, in the latest Club Torque, suggests that there is a survey we can take part in. Anyone know where it is?
  7. What's that got to do with needing better lamps?
  8. What time are we expected to arrive?
  9. Front end overhaul for my GT6. New Falken tyres, trunnionless vertical links and axel stubs, 7/16" replacement wheel studs, new bushes everywhere, new wheel bearings, roll bar bushes and drop links, late Spitfire steering column and uj. I want to get the car properly aligned, does anyone know who might be able to do this in my neck of the woods?
  10. It is costly (day crossing is cheaper) but you do get a good night's sleep in a decent cabin and wake up in lovely Netherlands...and, of course, if you live a few mins away from the ferry, even better. I have an open ticket on this route as the GT6 weekend in the Netherlands was cancelled in 2020, hopefully it will run this autumn so I can use it.
  11. Don Cook

    Gt6 Seat Belts

    I screwed a couple of small plastic hooks from B&Q  and this works fine. However, this is right next to your head so rubber or similar might be better in the event of an accident.
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