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  1. And, a hefty skim of the head to raise compression could make shimmed rocket shaft pedastles necessary. Rather more probable than ALL the valves recessing! John
  2. I do not want to 'knock' Jon's product in any way! But an investment in a left handed tap to supplement your right hand tools will let you make your own from some tube and a pair of left and right hand threaded spherical joints. Add a large nut, welded to the outside of the tube, and the DiY result is most satisfying, as well as bespoke! No pic, I'm on my phone, but will supply if anyone wants one. John
  3. New guiides and valves will require to be reground to the seats. This will remove any 'lead memory' and may make it prone to valve recession. Americans mock us for our obsession with this - they had lead free long before us, and no probs, but it's a peace of mind thing. Steel exhaust seats can be inserted, if you are having all that done won't add to the cost much. John
  4. Sparky, Please would you send michael a link to this thread? I can't message him. JOhn
  5. I'm told that Andy Flexney was looking for an autobox, and I have one! His name appears on this board, and no other, but no posts from him. Are you there, Andy, under a nom d'Internet? Please PM me! Or anyone who knows him send him a link to this. Thanks! John
  6. Ellis has obliged! His video is on the RBRR21 thread
  7. There is a splendid 'speeded-up' video of this RBRR on Facebook, by Ellis Stokes. Can it be uploaded here - it'll soon be lost on FB!
  8. Glad to hear that it's all in hand! And well done to all,organisers and teams, if they completed or not!
  9. Jason, If CT will collect the parts failure stats, then fine, I'll stand down. As to when to do it, I'd build it into the event, not leave it 'til later, but that's your choice. John
  10. If I may say so, Sir, your comment proves my point! There is a certain satisfaction in a successful roadside repair (aka bodge) that lets you continue! But it should not be necessary! This event is (allegedly) a recreation of the original reliability tests by Triumph. Can anyone imagine the factory letting cars go out that had not been tested first, by use locally as much as possible? I'm very aware that many are short of time to do this, and the cost must be included. But they are investing that in this event, and that 12% withdrew during the course will be a great disappointment for them Some seed funding, in local testing and practice wil secure their investment and thier enjoyment! JOhn
  11. From others' posts above, it looks as if CT does collect lists of failed components. So, come on CT, do you want this doing, or are you doing it already? No point in duplicating work, and TBH you are better placed to do it! I'm asking, after criticising people who load their boots with spares and stores, and being told I'm an armchair critic. I want to help! But I want to help people to do the RBRR (or 10CR) with more confidence in their cars! I speak from a background in motorsport, and in particular 40 minute and endurance racing, where mechanical or electronic failure is very rare indeed, because the cars are tested first! How many RBRRers will drive a significant distance to test their cars before the event? Or even, dare I say, take it to a track day, where it can be stressed much more than it will ever be on the road? Many track days operate in groups that seperate experienced racers away from newbies, so look for one of those! CT, please let me know if you want this list compiled, or are you doing it yourselves? John
  12. Lets keep it to this year only. While memories are fresh!
  13. I posted this idea in another RBRR related thread, but here is more appropriate. I wasn't on this one, my Vitesse is just not suitable for endurance events any more, and I wonder - has CT ever analysed which parts fail? To collect data would be a useful guide to what spares to take, and what you are unlikely to need. It should be anonymised, no names, no team numbers, and I'll be glad to collect the data if anyone will PM me. What part(s) failed for you? If enough to be useful respond, I'll publish here, in strict confidence! John
  14. Has CT ever collected a list of failed parts on the RBRR (or 10CR)? It should be anonymised, to spare teams' blushes, but would be a useful guide to what to take as spares. Rob has been brave to confess, but there's no need. If the Club hasn't ever done this, may I volunteer to collect the data? I promise, no names, not at all! Just PM me with your team number, which will be confidential, what failed, what you did about it, could you continue or was it terminal, plus any other comments? I'll post the list, of failed parts only, if there are a useful number. John
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