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  • C2C 2024 - Event History

    In 2018 Club Triumph was looking to create a new driving event in March for Drive It Day. Recreating the Top Gear coast to coast dash was not an option, as we would not be able to obtain the necessary MSA permits nor police clearances. However, the idea of an event driving from one side of the country to the other was born.

    The Coast 2 Coast Run is designed to be an enjoyable overnight driving experience of between 400 and 500 miles, lasting about 13 hours. The intention is to use some of the best driving roads in the UK. The common feature of the routes is the almost empty roads, enabling entrants to enjoy the almost forgotten pleasure of driving an open road. Navigation is intended to be straightforward with entrants receiving the route in advance, but due to the nature of the roads the driver must remain alert and able to concentrate for extended periods.

    The event usually includes some activity before the start. These have included driving circuits of the Anglesey Track and visits to Steam Railways. The start, or finish, is usually in a remote location which offers the opportunity to see a less known part of the country and extend your visit. The event book provides snippets of history about the places near the route. Since the first event in 2018 the C2C has run five times. The March 2020 run was postponed to July 2021 due to Covid Restrictions. As entrants preferred the longer hours of daylight subsequently the event has been run in late June, shortly before the school holidays. Since 2022 the route is only issued as an electronic file. The GPX files are provided for Garmin or TomTom (satnav/mobile phone) but can also be viewed as routes overlaid on maps using the Open Route Service (https://maps.openrouteservice.org/) web site.

    The map shows all the C2C routes so far.


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