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  1. I did try chamfering the leading edges of the 1144s but no joy in eliminating or reducing the squeal. Tim
  2. No Paul, I find dust generation from the DS Performace pads is minimal. Low wheel dust is actually one of the features claimed for the product. Tim
  3. Another MOT pass with no advisories (of course) this morning. I took the long way round to the test station to give me a chance to bed in the new brake pads. The tester actually commented on how good the efficiency of the braking system was. I know the car is technically exempt from the annual MoT test now but I see value in having another pair of eyes give the car a regular once over for my peace iof mind. Tim
  4. Pads were down to a minimum 4mm thickness of friction material. More than enough for the Run but I changed for a new set anyway. I use Ferodo DS performance pads, I settled on these as an upgrade after being dissatisfied with Green Stuff (poor initial bite and could be provoked into fading after repeated hard use). Mintex 1144s were an improvement in initial bite and fade resistance but I could never eliminate a squeal under light braking and this really got on my nerves. I read of Ferodo DS Performance pads in the Burton Power catalogue (www.burtonpower.com) and ten years ago purchased a set of FER 167 in the FDS specification. Immediately after fitting the pads I found a quiet, straight stretch of road and bedded them in. After the first few applications I could already appreciate more initial bite and stopping power. On the 10CR in September 2011 we traversed twenty Alpine passes including the St. Gotthard, St Bernadino and Stelvio and despite hard use we experienced no fade, the pads always inspiring confidence. At one stage I tried a judicious test application on a German autobahn in pouring rain and once again the bite was instantaneous and the retardation progressive. I was a convert and think the DS Performance pad would be hard to improve on for fast road use. What's more they never squeal The previuous set served me for 45K miles so I have to face uo to the fact that the new ones will probably see me out!! The FER167 fitted a number of '70s Ford models, these had metric callipers and the holes simply need enlarging to suit the 1/4" guide pins in my callipers. They should fit later TR6s with metric callipers without modification. Tim
  5. October 1st will see my 23rd start on an RBRR and October 3rd, hopefully, my 21st finish in the same car, a 1966 TR4A. It will also be my 16th Run with the same co-driver, Mike Hockaday. We are both now retired, in my case for 16 years and consequently no longer have the opportunity to dun work colleagues and customers when it comes to raising sponsorship for the Club's chosen charity. If any member or Triumph enthusiast reading this is not yet supporting a crew on this year's event please consider contributing to my team's effort in support of the Motor Neurone Disease Association. The link is: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tim-mike25 Thank you very much. Tim Hunt
  6. Just as well I checked. The brushes had worn unevenly and both were down to the 11/32" wear limit at one end. The fan belt passed a very careful examination. I have just fitted the hard top. I always use this on serious events, depite the fact the chassis is 100% having the hard top firmly bolted in place stiffens the car and noticeably sharpens the handling. Now really looking forward to seeing many at the Gaydon drivers' meeting on Saturday and of couse even more so the actual event. I know it's sad but I have been suffering RBRR withdrawal symptoms for far too long now! Tim
  7. With two overnight drives a healthy charging system is very important. I have no concerns but as a precaution today I plan to remove the dynamo and check the brushes. This will also be an oppportunity to oil the rear bearing, I find it impossible to do this with the dynamo in situ, the exhaust manifold is too close to allow access. I will also remove the fan belt and check that is is still in perfect condition. Tim
  8. Many thanks Jim, that's very helpful and will have put a few minds at rest. Look forward to seeing you and Katy. Tim
  9. This will be my 23rd RBRR participation in the trusty 4A and the 16th with Mike Hockaday as co-driver. Our aggregate age on this year's event will be 144 years, will that be the highest of any two-person team I wonder. Tim
  10. I have a large quantity that I need to dispose of, almost all in perfect, unmarked condition. February 1994 to December 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 complete, February to December 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 complete, 2006 just missing October, 2007 complete and ten other assorted editions from 1991, '92, '93, 2008, 2012 and 2013. There are also all four editions of Superclassics (1995), twenty two editions of Practical Classics from 1992 to 2002, twelve editions of Classic Cars magazine from 1992 to 2006 and six editons of Popular Classics from 1992 to 1994. No local charity shop is interested and it does seem a pity to take these mags to my local dump. If anyone would like them, in return for a reasonable donation to my team's page for the Round Britain Reliability Run in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Association please PM me. Picture shows a selection. Could be collected from nr Hitchin, Herts, or delivered within a reasonable radius. Tim
  11. Great to see you face to face as well Ben after all those years and many thanks for your sterling work on and continued support with the Forum/Website. Tim
  12. I'll just be there on Saturday, should arrive around 09.30. Tim
  13. I had a quite early Lumenition optronic system on the 4A with a stamped steel chopper rather than the later injection moulded plastic one. The power module failed after about thirty years, the system having been perfectly reliable until then, not a bad life. Short term I reverted to points. However, the distributor was worn and I was getting intermittent pinking from worn balance weight springs (remember that the Lumenitioin still relies on the mechanical advance). I went the 123 fully solid state route 14 years ago, this was a more attractive financial option that a new Lumenition plus distributor rebuild. I carry the old Lucas 25D4 with leads in the boot as belt and braces, it would be a very quick job to swap but I expect never to need it. However it did help out a Dutch entrant in a TR4 on the Border Raiders in 2018. Tim
  14. I guess the CT stand will be in Area 11 on the site map Clive and we will be directed there when our tickets are checked - right? Tim
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