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  1. Our tremendous effort for the Guide Dogs charity on the 2016 RBRR was sufficient to fund the training programmes for two puppies, for which we were invited to choose names. The Committee settled on 'Derek', in memory of Derek Pollock, our much missed late President and initial inspiration behind the event, and 'Triumph'. I am delighted to say that Triumph, a Golden Retriever bitch, was born on 28th October 2020 and Derek, a Black Labrador, on 7th December 2020. Both went from the Guide Dog Breeding Centre to their puppy walkers a while ago and are making excellent progress, being socialised an
  2. Does anyone know of a competent company that could install security cameras to monitor the car park of a block of flats in Luton, Beds? Ideally they should be located in the Beds/Herts area. many thanks. Tim
  3. OK Ben. TR4A driven by me for 50 years and 7 months to date (though not much over the past year of course!). I think I can safely say this one is a keeper too, brings a smile to my face each time I take it out and very little grief in five decades. Twenty completed RBRRs so far together with eight 10CRs, two C2Cs, several HCRs some Autoecosses and La Carerra Caledonias and TR Register events also. Incidentally the stain on the road in the Col de la Bonette picture is not vital fluid from NGP 86D! Tim
  4. I thought we were already in Europe Sam, at least geographically. Tim
  5. I wasn't sure whether to post here or under RBRR. Members will be saddened to hear that Club Vice - president and long term RBRR supporter Charlie Sneddon (or Charlie as he preferred) died suddenly on April 25th, Drive It Day, following a heart attack. Like me I am sure all regular Round Britain entrants will miss Charlie's warm and friendly welcome at a Scottish control somewhere this October. I made Scotland on all my Runs, even when I didn't make the finish, so must have chatted to Charlie on twenty two occasions. He worked for Land Rover in the '70s and had excellent contacts all over. On
  6. Very good work Sam and nice to see you back on the Forum. Tim
  7. Hello Kevin. I am sure a member of the Spitfire cognoscenti will be along shortly in relation to your mechanical questions. As regards the anti-freeze you need an ethylene glycol silicate containing type (Bluecol or similar). The newer long life OAT (Organic acid Technology) type coolants are not compatible with our engines. I run a 50/50 mix of Bluecol/rainwater year round and change this every two years without fail before the anti-corrosion additives lose their effectiveness. Always top up, if needed, with the same 50/50 mix to preserve the concentration. Tim
  8. I'm with Steph re the strange headlight switch arrangement on the 1300, shared with Herald/Vitesse and early Spitfires. Another Triumph idiosyncrasy is the two speed wiper switch on the TR4A, the first position gives what is optimistically called 'fast' speed and the second slow speed, for me the other way round would be more sensible, unfortunately it is impossible to re-wire the existing switch to achieve this condition. Tim
  9. Unfortunately Bruce my overall success rate is only 90.7% (20/22) since we had a second failure on the 1982 Run (a failed oil cooler hose). At least it has been 100% since and including 1984! Tim
  10. You can't complain about that for service Jim!! Tim
  11. That's absolutely great Jason. I love the speed with which the list opens via Events - RBRR - Entry List. I could make a cup of tea before that happened on the old website - well almost! Thanks Craig. Tim
  12. Thanks Rob, I wasn't aware of the Apple issue, this was first time I had posted pics taken on an IPhone. I've no idea how you managed to get that picture the right way up. In future I will use a camera if I plan to post a pic on the Forum! Tim
  13. Had a decent run out in the 4A and an excellent, socially distanced pub lunch https://wheatsheafperry.com The Hunt household has taken the lockdowns seriously and I worked out that yesterday's was the longest journey since the 10CR in September 2019! Pictures taken before departure and at Old Warden on a visit to the Shuttleworth Collection on the way home. Sorry, don't know why pics are upside down. They were saved the right way up but if I rotate them 180 degs and save again before posting they still end up this way. Clues anybody? Tim
  14. Matt, if you click on the event in the Upcoming Events side bar you will see that entries are planned to open on 15th May, through this website. Tim
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