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  1. I should point out that CT first offset the RBRR in 2006 and did the same in 2008....suddenly when economic gloom descended for the UK, the climate change dissapeared from the front pages...can't see that happening again though.
  2. These ARB drop links, for what car? If Spit/GT6/Herald/Vitesse, I'd fit a set of John Wofle's units. http://www.wolfitt.com/ £60 plus the usuals, but they actually work!
  3. We are actively talking to various organisations about carbon offset and it is hoped that the next RBRR and other CT events are offset in some correct manner.
  4. Years ago, I did a test day with a good bloke I know who races a Std Ten, and he had a AFR gauge, it seemed to me that this gauge was living up to his name...a worry gauge. I sometimes wonder if we all worry too much about such things, if the car is going well.....maybe that is because all is well?
  5. Plenty to read and digest here. I do not think we will be asking crews to prove their mechanical worth, not reasonable and a little unfair. We want to bring people into the Club and certainly don't want to encourage elitism. Back in 1966 I would imagine not many of the crews were mechanically versed, still maybe not as necessary as the cars should have been more reliable........... Def agree that more women taking part would be better, however, this old car hobby is a very blokey thing, so whilst its a nice thought, I cannot see the ratio changing. We did have two women crews taking part: Jess Cook/Steph Brake and Clare Pearson/Becky Whitehead. Experienced RBRR'er Katie Foreman withdrew on the eve. RallyAppLive: We were delighted with it, this will feature again in 2023. Docwad, Francis' phone was the one registered, not yours. We hope that it will be able to be used in 23 when 'running in the background'.
  6. Don't let Dave Pearson see that, or in fact Roger Keys, they seem to have a strange like for these LGVs
  7. I will need to replace the rubbers in the Clutch master cylinder soon. Otherwise, hapy to report the car is going well. Engine does feel tired now, 17 years since I bought her and nothing other than timing chain replaced. Some of that mileage has been hard, so the engine does need a re-fresh. Very pleased with the old car.
  8. Howard, you pedant!!! 🤥😊 Got to say, I do like your TR7 V8, looking forward to seeing it being 'driven' on next years 10CR!
  9. The amount we have publicised has always been before GA is added. I think we will get to £95K before Xmas and then we will get another spurt just before the CT Dinner in March that will push us past the £100K...that would be fantastic!!!! In eight months time, we will start to think about the 2023 Charity!
  10. Blimey, Konis have gone up...at the moment, Rimmers look cheaper..... https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-RL1359 https://larkspeed.com/shopper/i/896L801388 https://larkspeed.com/shopper/i/885L801389
  11. Get your hoses made by a supplier of hydraulic kit for construction/farm plant.
  12. I think its a Moss Malvern, Spitfire/Herald based?
  13. Pete, You plainly have not got any sanity, so time for a re-think! SBF, Considering the appearance of your forecourt, a cracking job is quite apt. I know a company that could do a brilliant job for you, not cheap, but excellent!
  14. Ben, Let us all know how you get on, ta!
  15. Howard, Fair play to you, on the eve of an event, you did not muck about, bought a V8, it was a bold move! Another Maroon TR7 owner bought an Acclaim...ying and yang eh!
  16. Jase, Steady on about McJim, don't encourage him, you know what his type are like.....
  17. I would never tell Ewan Jappy that, but McJim, well........????
  18. I def. feel a new RBRR rule coming on, no more Cobra stripes on Spitfires! If you want a Cobra, buy a Ford Cortina and build one with a lovely 100,000 mile Pinto engine! I am sad that in previous RBRRs we have been considered to be cliquey, I try to go out of my way to talk to crews, but must admit this year at the start, I meant to go along each line and have a chat with new crews, but kept getting distracted. Still if they see me coming they may run away, and who could blame them! I have loads of ideas for the next one and will be discussing them with my colleagues in the RBRR eam, they will tell me to bugger off.....but one must try eh! New stop review so far: Falls of Shin: Yes, def visit in 2023 Gatcosh: Its marmite, but the proximity to the M74 makes it viable. I could not understand the accent of the people inside. Message to Scotland, speak the Queen's English please, go on, give it a go! Haynes: Not sure about that one, good parking though and facilities were good. BIt of a shame that many crews did not go into the Carter Bar layby, many I saw, just went sailing past? Why? We tried the 'Buddy' system 5 years ago and were under the impression that new crews felt a tadge patronised, so not repeated. Think we need to face facts about spannering, the generation of people that grew up in the sixties and seventies witnessed their Dad fixing the Cortina/Rover/Jaguar (three social classes) on the drive/garage/car barn as they needed constant attention, so they learnt how to do basic maintenance. Modern cars are so good, that the modern man does not need to break out the tool roll, or is it that the owners of moderns are tied into service agreements with the dealer that they purchased the car from? To be fair, our departed President, Derek Pollock was not a particulary hands on type of chap and he did well on the RBRR. The RBRR will never discriminate against any group of people, all are welcome (although cobra striped Spitfires are pushing it)!
  19. Alex, Engine: 13 row Oil Cooler with rubber hoses and thermo. MED 1.5 SU Stub Stacks and ITG panel filter (Merlin Motorsport) Suspension: Rose jointed arb links: Jon Wolfe, aka Wolitt Racing. 475LB front springs (Faulkners) and 1 to 1.5 degrees of neg at the front. Konis all round: Larkfield sell them at a good price. Uprated wishbone bushes, Superflex. Adjustable radius arms. 4 Wheel alignment. Brakes: Ditch the back plates and fit decent pads, I have no problem with EBS Green, many seem too? Steering: Polybush the rack mounts, check the UJ and fit a decent steering wheel, many seem happy with the Astrali ones that are on the market now. And, I guess you will expect this, ditch the chuffing Cobra stripes and fit one across the nose, aka Group 44 in Green, very cool on a white car. Then you would have a lovely Spitfire, its already a great car, even better with these improvements.
  20. Kevin, I have just emailed Andrew at Seaview to thank him, as ever, fantastic work by him and his team. We keep arriving early and he never seems fazed. As a matter of fact, it did at one point look like we could run the RBRR last year, I had a detailed conversation with him about covid, he could not have been more keen to help us, a teriffic attitude. I am very impressed. Seaview Hotel and Lands End Hotel are the two longest standing RBRR stops (not surprisingly) and did us proud this year.
  21. Horace, This event came pretty close to being cancelled on Tueday night, but we decided to take a bullish view and run the RBRR. So very glad that we did. Two crews withdrew because of it on Friday. Our view was that everyone taking part has common sense and intelligence, so it proved. Must admit I did not sleep that well from Saturday 25th Sept, when the first reports of fuel issues started.
  22. RBRR STATS: 176 Teams entered the event, 113 started, 14 retired, 99 finished. We have never experienced so many withdrawals before the event, covid and the recent fuel supply issue must have contributed, but still massively disappointing. 5 crews did not event bother to contact us before the event to say that they would not start. DNFs ranged from electrical to drivetrain. Sadly one car had a minor crash, crew were fine and we understand the car will be rebuilt.
  23. Car Builder Solutions seem to sell Gates products. Does not specifically state E10 resistant within the product info.?
  24. Agadoo....think you may be overplaying the Scottish hospitality there...my word!
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