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  1. I have a battery powered ratchet that I love. You have to loosen the bolt/screw if it sits too tight but it it is great as it is barely bigger than regular ratchet and all you have to do is push a button and you can get the bolt/screw out/in. It is really good if you are alone and you have to hold a nut on one end and undo a bolt from the the other. I was a bit surprised when I started my restoration how hard it was to find one. They seem to only be made in country that rhymes with mynah and they were fairly expensive. Luckily someone was selling one unused on eBay and I got it
  2. You will need a passport (if you come from outside the EU) and costs for things like mobile phone and mobile data might change... as far as the COVID rules as said it is all changing and evolving but I reckon by next year (2022) things will more or less be back to normal...
  3. Car is stripped bare... hope to get it to a body shop for a dip and trim...
  4. I personally don't like the dark theme... but then again I also don't like raw tomatoes....
  5. Completely tear it apart, fix it and put it back together!😀
  6. Thanks Tim! The Speedo needs a complete overhaul as it is all very rusty. If I am in there maybe I can just change whatever is needed to match the diff I put in. The engine is putting out over 11 lb/ft of torque so I am actually thinking of going 3.27 but if I can't find one 3.63 will have to do.... In any case I know my 3.89 is just too short as my first Spitfire I only tweaked up to about 70 HP and it was screaming at 75 mph!
  7. Ok Thanks. I may be be swapping diffs with a different ratio and I figure this is the safest option for knowing the speed. We have 30 KPH zones nearly everywhere in my town and radar traps to boot... the standard Spitfire speedo bobbing between 20 and 30 does not instill confidence...
  8. How/where did you have this done or how did you do it?
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