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  1. TRTOM2498

    Cosumph 6

    Hi Martin, The car puts the power down very well actually, certainly in the dry. However, in any other condition it is quite 'loose'. It is essentially a handful when pressing on, so you do need to be razor focused when in the armchair. Cheers.
  2. I popped out at lunch time today to get my spare, unworn bonnet hinges sandblasted. They were done while I waited, which was very good of them. They now need etch priming, priming and finally, color coat. Front brake disc skim on car on Wednesday, then new Mintex 1144 pads, oil change and gearbox oil level check. Then the hardtop will be fitted, including high-level brake light to be reinstated. Will also have all 4 wheels checked for balancing. Then wants detailing, and stickers applying. Roll on 01.10.21 !!
  3. TRTOM2498

    Cosumph 6

    Thanks, Tim. Work in progress, but slowly getting there.
  4. TRTOM2498

    Cosumph 6

    Had a productive day on Saturday. 320bhp tuning enhancement kit now installed on the TR6. It has gone from producing 15psi peak, and holding 11psi, to around 25psi, and holding 20. Lively to double lively best describes it. Still running a TR6 diff, with 4:1CWP and Quaife ATB, but not sure for how long ? Kit comprised of: · Bosch Dark Green injectors (Ford RS Cosworth). Capable of flowing enough fuel for 350BHP. · 3-Bar MAP sensor. · -31 wastegate actuator. · Denso Iridium IK27 spark plugs. Suitable for power levels from 250-450BHP. · Custom calibrated chip.
  5. I work in the supply chain, logistics. Air, Sea or Road movements. Import or Export. If you need anything, please do get in touch. Cheers.
  6. I was always advised the J-type was a stronger unit, compared to the A-type O/D unit. If you have a standard engine, and don't drive particularly hard, either will be more than adequate. I have an A-Type Stag derived gearbox in my TR6, with competition O/D unit, and it is more than capable of absorbing the power. Cheers.
  7. TRTOM2498

    Cosumph 6

    Exciting times ahead. Stage 2, 320bhp tuning enhancement kit has now arrived. The 3" exhaust system from turbo to tail-pipe tip will have to wait.
  8. TRTOM2498


    If you buy a Newman cam, they are based on a new chill cast blank. Also consider their steel EN40 followers. You will not have any issues with this cam, providing it is installed correctly, and good quality oils are used and changed regularly.
  9. Look forward to seeing it turn a wheel in anger, J ! Don't take too long BTW ! 🙂
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