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  1. Just adding to the squealing crowd, my brakes have had a hackle-raising screech at low speed since switching to 1144 pads. Haven't tried anything to alleviate it though, too many other annoying rattles and clonks to deal with first!
  2. This looks like a smart fix to me, good thinking! And sounds like it's working as well - what a save 🙂
  3. @FloydP no help to you but I did the same thing a couple of years ago. Tried one of those epoxy 'liquid metal' things but it didn't work. Not even briefly. Good luck
  4. Thanks all for the encouragement. The brown looks a lot better in real life than the photos but my daughter is highly sceptical about it! Not a priority for me in the first place, let's see how I feel about it next year... Some minor obstacles to overcome before I can get the car into my hands - the bloke had a new fence put up near the garage, and now the up-and-over garage door only opens 3 foot before hitting the fence post! Plus it needs a trailer - anyone got any contacts for car transport around London / Surrey area? I've got one option but it's quite pricey
  5. ... it seems I am the proud owner of an interesting new car then. Paid more than a grand for it but still seems a good price. Nice bloke, the owner.
  6. Good topic @McJim! I get a bit obsessed with fuel economy. On the 2018 RBRR my mk3 Spitfire miraculously averaged over 40 mpg, the best economy figures i've ever had. However it also got through a gallon of oil. Since then i've messed about with the cylinder head and exhaust so it's a bit perkier performance-wise but noticeably worse on fuel (also had a rebore so hopefully won't need so much oil). So I'm expecting something around 33mpg, but hoping for 35.
  7. Thanks! Yes indeed, any excuse to get some miles on it. Will you be in yours? I'm envious of you doing it with your son, my daughter reckons she wants to have a crack at it but needs to wait 7 years until she can do her test!
  8. Just washed and waxed my Spitfire! Second RBRR for the car and crew. 350 miles done on rebuilt engine and gearbox, just need to grease the hubs and some other minor stuff (assuming nothing major crops up in next 3 weeks)
  9. Yeah is that a typo?? I'm tempted at that price!
  10. That's good news, hopefully they noticed the brake lights didn't work though!
  11. Should be pretty straightforward, assuming it's got pistons already fitted? I think there's an issue with some of the repro calipers though, remember reading something about people having problems with them sitting slightly to one side or something..? I would take the old one off and carefully compare them with the new before sticking them on
  12. Thanks @Tim Bancroft, that's the info I was looking for. See you all next week!
  13. Yeh... just that's easier said than done! I'll see what I can do...
  14. Possibly. Or get a condenser and rotor from Distributor Doctor, i've had no issues since fitting them on 3 classics over the last 10 years.
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