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  1. Andy perhaps for next time try 20:60 i use it in my Stag and it seem to work well. You don't want too higher a pressure though otherwise it wears out the tensioners i am told.
  2. I would try and find an old original one and use that. The repro ones are rubbish being polite!
  3. Richard, Stephanie has good taste! You could always take both? Martin
  4. Don't forget Badge engineering it still around look at the VAG group with the seat, Skoda, VW and Audis all sharing the same platform, with similar sector calls all with different dealerships but with re skinning to to provide the "different" cars.... If they can make it work.... Could not BMW pitch Triumph as a low cost sport cars so they don't "dilute" the upmarket BMWs.. Just a thought
  5. I had a 2.5 in a Spitfire for many a year and it was great. You won't want more power than than in my view..... I had 3.63 diff, CV shafts ventilated front brakes, HS6s etc etc.....
  6. excellent idea for the overdrive tester i like that and not seen it before....
  7. The other think I did was greased or copper slipped between the leaves to soften it a bit.... My 1500 replacement didn't have any buttons....
  8. Pete I think your idea may work re the fuel take off. Correct me if you are wrong but your tank is the same as a Stag one? I have put an Alloy one in my stag and I did wonder why it in effect sucked it out the top rather than use gravity to help as you suggested. I have mount a Hurco pump lower down under the fuel filler next to the tank so it is the same height at the tank but i am guessing a non PI pump is smaller than yours ? The other thing you could do is to to go almost straight out through the the bulkhead to the underneath of the car when it comes out of your new take off via the fuel pump so you get it "out in the fresh air" sooner? Let us know how you get on?
  9. I ran Cvs on my 2.5 spitfire for a long while and never had a problem. If I remember correctly they were from Canley classic. I now have Cvs on the stag too again i have never had a problem. There are lots of videos on fixed driveshafts failing when too much power is put through them too.
  10. I think before the petrol pump to so stop any rubbish getting into the petrol pump and clogging it up. It is easier to change the filter rather than clean out the fuel pump. Also there was a warning that some of the cheap Chinese ones on Ebay tended to dissolve with E10 so try and get one from reputable supplier?
  11. Andy interesting, back in 1983 i brought a Lenham hardtop from them and had them install an "alley bars" roll bar to my Spitfire 1500...
  12. Tim sorry what are "Fiamms" have I missed something or is this a typo?
  13. Fingers crossed that will fix it all.... See you are used to Ford engined cars where things never go wrong, go old Triumphs keep you busy and give you a real challenge....
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