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  1. Thanks Pete, I've got the rear flat-bar and runners fixed successfully, as well as the flat-bar for the front. However, because the floorpan is flat at the front, once I've fixed the front flat-bar in position there's no space underneath it for the nylon nut which holds the front of the seat runner in place. No doubt someone will be along soon with the answer
  2. Thanks Pete. I've already followed those instructions. What they don't tell you, however, is that the front nylon nuts stop the flat-bar from touching the floorpan. Do I drill holes in the floorpan for the front nylon nuts to go through?
  3. I'm currently playing with a set off MGF seats. I've cut the MGF brackets off the seat runners, and have cut and drilled the lengths of flat-bar to mount the MGF runners to the Herald floorpan. Could someone tell me how I'm supposed to fix the front flat-bars to the floorpan? I can see how the rear ones fit -- they just bolt in place. But as the front of the floorpan is flat, when I put the flat-bar in place it lies flat on the floorpan, meaning there's no room underneath it for the nylon nut. Are people drilling a hole in the floorpan for the front flat-bar, and fixing the nylon nut in place underneath the car? Or is the nylon nut fixed in place inside the car? Thanks, Anthony.
  4. I went to view a car at the weekend which I had believed to be a rolling restoration. But it isn't...and it won't budge   I wasn't able to take many tools with me at the time so I didn't get to jack the car up to see what's seized. The tyres were completely flat, so it might be as simple as that. The brakes were rusted and probably seized. The handbrake was operational. The car was in neutral (gear selection was fine though) Engine turned over by hand Brake pedal returned to the top after being depressed and released, but that's just the return spring If I buy the car I'll have to get it onto a transporter - Not too much of a problem as it'll have a winch. But it might be tricky getting the car back off the transporter if it won't roll My plan before trying to move it is to jack up each corner individually and see if the wheels rotate. If they don't I'll undo the brake calipers from the uprights (hopefully they'll come off without too much of a fight) Then get some air in the tyres and keep my fingers crossed. What have I overlooked?
  5. Wonderful stuff, PM received, thanks John
  6. John, I used their videos as a reference when doing the bodywork on my car Please let them know I'm extremely thankful for their uploads
  7. Most definitely of interest to me John Can you send it by PM or do you need me to send you my email address
  8. Very cool, thanks I'll give them a call on Monday
  9. Thanks Paudman. I'll have a look now Have you used them for your cars? My biggest concern is getting the correct looking buckles, as well as the storage hooks etc....
  10. Does anybody know where I can get some original seat belts for a my car? I need the whole lot, belts, buckles, hangers, etc....
  11. Thanks Colin Just to confirm......You're saying the Commission number and Bodytub number are on the heritage certificates, but the Chassis number isn't? Just want to check what's what before I spend money  on something I might not need Thanks
  12. Does anybody know how I can confirm the body and chassis numbers for my car? ie: Are they listed on the BMIHT Heritage Certificate? I've got them written down in one of my files, but can't find it right now (I know you're all going to say don't put them on because of the problems at MOT time, but I'm building a show car, so I want them fitted) Thanks all
  13. Shameless plug: I've got a set of Height adjustable Spax that are sitting in my garage doing nothing I've never fitted them, so they're as new Let me know if they're any good to you
  14. I've got a set of Front and Rear Spax shocks sat in my garage that are new and unused The fronts are the height adjustable ones, and the rears come complete with the chassis mounting bracket kit (which I've has powdercoated properly) Louis has first refusal on the front shocks, but the rears are still available if you want a new set Let me know if they're any use to you?
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