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  1. I've had one on mine for a few years. I prefer it to the sticker.
  2. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of the road book for this year, and I never kept the road books from when I did the run. You could go to the main stops, which are Lands End, Bude Museum, or Badgers Holt. If you check these out you could roughly work out the route. These places are excellent places to check the cars out as the crews spend more time at. Danny
  3. I think I have finally cracked it. I used some 5mm neoprene I had and made gaskets glued to the bulkhead. I then cut the lip off the rubber boot covers which were torn while trying to locate the boot with screwdrivers. This gave a nice flat serface. I then stuck the boot to the gaskets with silicon. They are now well secured and water tight. It also allows a little more room for the adjustable rods which have larger ends which used to move the boots. Danny
  4. Hop this helps. Danny RBRR: The Route The event has 3 stages, these being London to John O’Groats, John O’Groats to Lands End and Lands End to London. The start is at 18.00 and heads north on the A1 up to the first stop at a location near to Doncaster. Its then onto the next stop on the border at Carter Bar and into the Scottish Borders. We visit a location in the vicinity of Edinburgh 3.00am on Saturday morning. By now the initial euphoria felt by the crews at the start will have worn off and weariness will start to creep up, but still the mileage must be done. Now we drive along the A9 and A99 viewing the sun rising (it will wake you up) over the North Sea to John O’Groats for a well earned breakfast and a wash and brush up at this very Northern tip of the UK mainland. Now come possibly the best driving roads of the event as crews cross the top of Scotland via Thurso, and then down to Altnaharra, this is a marvellous single track road that offers challenges to the drivers and fantastic stunning views. The next stop is near Inverness, by now it will be early afternoon on the Saturday. From there the route skirts Loch Ness, crosses Telford’s Caledonian Canal and heads onto Fort William. The next part is a visual highlight as crews pass through the inspiring mountain ranges of Glen Coe. The roads from Inverness are wide fast ‘A’ roads that really offer crews the chance to stretch their cars, in fact it could be said that these roads have been designed for use by Triumph motor cars. Next up is a stop in the vicinity of Stirling, many cars are quickly fettled as the second half of the event starts, cars needing oil top ups and the like. It is weird to think that crews have to get to Lands End for breakfast and onto Knebworth for the finish in 24 hours time, in fact, some crews look totally alarmed by this realisation! The crews now drive back through the fading light into England taking the A74(M), A6 and the M6 as they head to the border, the next stop is at Tebay for a stop at the best motorway service area in the UK. A bit more motorway action is suffered as we head to Oswestry through the England/Welsh border for some single carriageway fun! Another great nights driving is now enjoyed right in the middle of Wales. It is bound to be raining, but by now crews will feel at one with their car and be able to exploit the roads that are set out before them. The next stop is just west of Monmouth before we head down to Chepstow passing Tintern Abbey and then onto the old Severn Bridge, this always looks more imposing than the newer one downstream. Then it is onto the M5 and off to the West Country, to end up at Lands End for a rejuvenating breakfast. The Sunday morning can be very fatiguing and it can be a struggle to get to Land’s End, the A30 section through Bodmin Moor being particularly tiring. The third part, possibly the easiest and definitely the busiest section starts after a superb breakfast at Lands End as one watches the Atlantic beat England’s coastal point. Nice roads are enjoyed as crews set off to Bude for a stop at the town's Museum (and maybe more tea..its a tea run!) and then onto the final stretch of the event, competing with Sunday afternoon traffic. Then we head to Knebworth for the finish, through Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. At Knebworth, there is a chance to purchase some food and maybe have a drink before heading off home following the weekend’s gruelling motoring. There is also the chance for crews to book into the local Novotel Hotel to enable a good rest to be enjoyed before heading home on Monday morning.
  5. Have a good trip. Hope the petrol situation works out for everyone. Danny
  6. Thanks Ben. The clutch sort of half fits but the brake is a pain. Might try the heat treatment and fit as you suggest. Danny
  7. Has anyone got any ideas in sealing around the brake and clutch holes in the bulkhead. I find it impossible to get the rubber boots to fit. Especially since I have fitted adjustable piston rods. Danny
  8. I went to Tesco at Langdon Hills. Basildon last night 11.00 They are open all through the night because they shut during the day so people can get into store. There was me and two other cars. They have E5. Danny
  9. Did you have any work done on the head.
  10. Not sure what cam to go for. Fast road or a mk3 grind. Is the fast road lumpy on tick over.
  11. Panic over. It's coming from the rocker breather pipe which runs across the top of the stud and has dripped onto the stud bolt. 🤣 And I was looking for an excuse to remove the head and put a hotter cam in. Maybe during the winter months.
  12. 1500 Spit. I will check the torgue. Engine has done about 25k since rebuild.
  13. I have oil weeping from the middle head bolt. The one above the middle exhaust ports. Any ideas Danny
  14. I've have noticed the difference since fitting Uniroyal rainexpert3 175/70 13 Very pleased with them. Danny
  15. Is the bonnet adjusted right. How's the door gaps and gap along the sill. You can raise the bonnet on the front hinges.
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