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  1. Atspeed is well worth the extra miles of travel. The guys a wizard. Danny
  2. Also joined BT at 16 in 1969. Retired in 2019. 50 years mostly enjoyable. Danny
  3. I had a that sort of thing on my Spit 1500. I could see the timing moving all over the place on tick over with the timing light. I think mine was due to the faulty ballast wire which was only putting out 4 volts. I bypassed it with a 12v supply and a new 12v coil. Since then it has been on a rolling road tune-up. Danny
  4. Restore = resistor.... Bloody predicted text.
  5. Can't see a pink/white ballast wire in your photos, or a ballast restore. So I suspect you have a 12v coil. To make sure measure the resistance of the coil. Ballast = 1.5 ohms Non ballast = 3 ohms Danny
  6. Dannyb

    Fuel filter

    I have one just before the fuel pump but I have the R9 fuel pipe from the pump around bulkhead to the carbs, so wondered about fitting a second filter just before the carbs to catch any debris if the fuel pipe from pump to carbs starts breaking up. Weren't sure if too many filters would affect flow. Danny
  7. Dannyb

    Fuel filter

    I have just cleaned out my SU float bowls and valves which contained black rubber partials. I've got all R9 fuel pile with filter tank side of the pump. Can I fit another filter near the carbs. Danny
  8. Had the car 2 years. It was fitted with 8 port head and fast road cam.
  9. Dannyb

    RBRR 2016

  10. Dannyb

    RBRR 2016

  11. If the original pump is ok yes,but I have tried a couple of new pumps that are crap and unreliable. At least with the electric pump you can prime the carbs without having to turn the engine over. Unless of course there's a priming lever on the old pump. Danny
  12. You could fit a fuel regulator to adjust the pressure to the carb.
  13. Fitted the starter today. After measuring it turns out the standard 1500 spacer was spot on. Looks like the starter front plate is machined to give the correct clearance with the standard spacer. Also the orientation of the starter with the front plate is also already correct.
  14. Thanks Tim, I will measure it but I did not know there were 2 sizes for the spacer.
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