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  1. not very practical for a RBRR that dress... 😁
  2. if yours is the youngest, and if the sx does make it, we should photo op them together!
  3. This, unless she morphs again into a different white shape.... 🙂 we have unfinished business, 2018 the radiator clogged leading to overheating and a blown head gasket. Dirk
  4. Blimey, Rushed off the plane into the Airport lounge Got a glass of wine, fired up the laptop, log into Club triumph, waited for the magic pip, no products of your choice, no products etc, 1900... clicked again, Yes Im in, go through the registration, check my entry number... 80! 80! imagine the 79 others clicking almost simultaneously! well done webmaster, wherever you are! Well the SX has some scores to settle. roll on october, here we come! D
  5. oouch Beans, Driving past it on the mountain did not think it was that bad! Feel for ya. D
  6. Great news Mike, sometimes it is a slow boat....
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