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  1. 20040

    Gearbox rebuild

    Oh no - now I'm in a quandary. My mindset so far is to do everything, and not leave it as it was, but now you've all got me doubting that ! I do remember the O/D had packed up, but I knew that was electrical, but I think mechanically the 'box was ok. I'll give it good clean up on the bench tomorrow and look at the oil to see if that shows anything alarming. Then I'll probably tear it apart and regret it🤣!! Thanks all.  
  2. Hi all. I am steadily working my way through my early MK3 rebuild , and have now got to the gearbox. It's an overdrive, and I think I remember it was working fine when I took it off the road ( about 30 years ago! ). What I was wondering is, is there anybody out there that supplies a kit of all the standard parts that are typically needed in a rebuild - bearing,seals, gaskets etc ? Thanks.
  3. Hi. So I have now gathered all the parts together to do the Jones/Bowler driveshaft conversion. The Volvo driveshaft turned up today (from a nice bloke in Holland who sells them new - quite cheap !). I already have the two (short) Metro driveshafts. My questions is how do I connect the two ? I presume I have to remove the inner joint from the Metro - but how ? and then connect the Volvo one - but how ? I just don't want to start ripping it all apart without knowing what I'm doing !! Also, when I machine the uprights ( I am an engineer ), does anyone know the tolerance for the bore to take the MGF bearing ? It seemed to be too difficult a question for the bearing supplier !  Thanks 
  4. 20040

    Nick Jones

    Ok, thanks. I have read that page before, and it is very helpful. But unless I'm missing something it doesn't actually tell me where the parts have been sourced from. I've seen on various posts what I think is the answer, but ideally I would like someone to tell me for sure what I need to get, so that I can start trawling ebay. And, as I understand it Nick is someone who knows more than most, but obviously I'm happy to be told by anyone who knows their stuff! Thanks.
  5. 20040

    Nick Jones

    Hi All I would like to contact Nick Jones to discuss the rear driveshaft conversion. I've clicked the link  a few times on the sideways technology link, but have not received the email with the  link to join. Any ideas how I can make contact ? In the meantime, what are the parts I need to start searching for ?!!   Thanks.
  6. 20040

    GT6 Driveshafts

    That's great thanks all. I'm sure I will be posting lots of questions on here as I progress. Hopefully I will get to meet some of you when we are allowed out !
  7. 20040

    GT6 Driveshafts

    Ok, excellent, thanks. Looks like I need to try and contact Nick then for the full rundown - any suggestions how ?! I'm glad someone mentioned diffs, I have the 3:63 out of mine that I would like to get checked over - any recommendations ?   Thanks all.
  8. 20040

    GT6 Driveshafts

    Ok, thanks for that. Before I posted I was doing some research and I saw there was a lot from Nick Jones, so I will try to contact him. I'm in Somerset as well, so once we are allowed out I hopefully I can see him at the local meet.
  9. Hi all. I've just joined the club, but I've had my GT6 MK111 for over 30 years. The last 20 odd in bits in a shed. Now starting the full restoration, with many improvements along the way.The chassis is now fully stripped and heading off to the powder coaters and I'm staring to plan the rebuild. One of the first things I want to get straight in my head is what is the best option for driveshafts to replace to rotoflexes ? I would like to avoid the very expensive off the shelf options, and as I own and run a small engineering business I'm happy to make something up. Having said that, I don't want to reinvent the wheel if there is a tried and tested setup out there. All your help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
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