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  1. any builders merchant or wickes, B&Q sell studding in lots of sizes along with nuts and washers but i'd burn them
  2. Hi I fitted Rimmer's part No RG1307PBR on my Mk3 about 4/5 years ago torqued them up, I must say I didn't notice them being out of shape, every thing has been fine since no clunks or horrible noise's https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-RG1307PBR
  3. I'm sure that when I fitted mine there is adjustment inside the door, as you can see fully open and fully closed have a look here https://www.canleyclassics.com/?catalogue=triumph-gt6-mkiii&diagram=triumph-gt6-mkiii-door-assembly-glass-and-channels
  4. can they see anything with those lights
  5. That looks like a Commer BF late 50's I think but iv'e been wrong before
  6. If your thinking of a Revington box , email Tim on, tl_walker@tesco.net, and tell him what you want and he will send you one, I think i got mine way back in January 2017 and it's worked great no problems at all,
  7. I had Lee at H&H referb my delco dizzy, he popped a little brown box inside so no more points, it's blinking fantastic now have a look https://h-h-ignitionsolutions.co.uk
  8. I have a 2.5 in my GT6 which I run a Newwman cam TR16/280/405 Just a thought if you change cam, it has a little bit more get up and go, along with being very drivable
  9. When I sorted out my GT6 I added extra uprights to the front cross member to stiffen it ready for jacking, and on the rear I made jacking points under the beer can, these work very well, and of course a nice rubber pad on the jack plate
  10. Guppy916

    Fuel filter

    for the sake of a tenner it's worth a try, or get a glass one that you can clean, https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/fuel-filter-glass-chrome-with-8mm-hose-tails
  11. Why all the fuss about drying, just give the panel a towel dry to remove most of the water, then pinch the wife's hair dryer for a completely dry panel even in the hard to reach corners
  12. Edward if the dent is small a friend of mine can remove dents without damaging your paint work, give Mike a ring on 07572458077 he is based near Farnham Surrey
  13. John any news yet, Glang did you fit a Kenlow type fan ? how about a photo please
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