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  1. Hi all after a great deal of searching Canley's came up trumps, ordered Friday and it was delivered Wednesday, what a great service. ( part number 150379, £22.00 )
  2. Here you go Tony rebuilt my Gearbox and added overdrive then rebuilt my diff, here's the details I have for him, tony@kingstonsportscars.co.uk 01359 269777‬ he is a bit slow in responding, I used to turn up on his door step
  3. I hope so, my first coil after the rebuild only lasted 50 miles the second one about 75 miles then with alot of sorting I found that the company i used for my new loom sent a Ballasted loom, so i ran a new wire from the fuse box (the white one) so i now have 12volts at the coil, they were both so hot I almost lost skin when changing them. perhaps i'm just being paranoid now
  4. I also used https://www.facebook.com/HHignitionsolutions for my Mk3 GT6 they rebuilt my Delco unit and convetted it to electronic at a very sensible cost
  5. Glang, after a 3-4 mile run around town, the volts have settled down around 13.8 - 14.5 from 800 to 3000 rpm, the coil is quite hot but you can hold onto it
  6. I used https://www.speedycables.com to repair my GT6 speedo, a quick turn around and good price
  7. yes running a Rimmers alternator (17 ACR) 36 Amp part No GXE8211 all bulbs are Led's
  8. Howard yes thats with the engine running on tick over with the volts ranging 13.5 to 15.25 ish
  9. Hi guys I have just noticed that I have 14.5 volts at my Positive Terminal on the coil, could this be why I keep burning out coils, it's on a 1973 GT6 Mk3 Non Ballasted system
  10. Hi I am looking for a new Interior Light Switch for my GT6 MK3 1973, i believe Rimmers part number 143843 is No longer available, can any body point the way to a new lucas switch please, my one keeps blowing fuse's, thanks
  11. One of the best upgrades I did to my GT6 Mk3, J Type upgraded to 28% by TLD
  12. This might be usefull http://www.triumphspitfire.com/Ref.html also try https://www.canleyclassics.com/?catalogue=triumph-vitesse&diagram=catalogues
  13. Guppy916


    When I wired up my GT6 I added three LED lights top for, electric fuel pump , Middle over drive and bottom electric cooling fan, so simple to do
  14. wellcome to the "done bugger all" club chap, i've look at mine a few times thought about oil change, it will wait till the weather warms up
  15. Thanks Iani iv'e seen those, Iani can you please send me some photos of your glove boxes both sides please, i'm searching these parts for a friend over sea's, it will give me some idea as to what i'm looking for, many thanks
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