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  1. I suppose an automatic delay maybe. It’s just more noticeable than the A-Type. The nice thing about the J-Types, Volvo used the J-Types up until 85. Actually beyond that, but I believe 85 was the last year for the Speedo gear. I guess in 86 they went to some sort of pickup.
  2. No idea? It’d be fun to chat w the gent that did the original conversion fo sho! I’ll ask team torpedo’s fearless leader see if he knows. This just in…not Bill Goodwin’s car
  3. Very nice 2k indeed! Had a 68 Same color w red trim overdrive too. Couldn’t get out of its own way but a great car never the less. I live in the rust belt. You can imagine the rest.
  4. This is my first 10CR and I’m coming from the states as part of team torpedo. I’m absolutely thrilled. I’m planning on driving, buying, and importing the reincarnated “Deuce” a converted Brown 1500 fwd…now has a sprint drive line complete with overdrive. It was driven and blown up in Italy during the last 10CR I believe. Engine has been rebuilt, it’s been painted and has a new vinyl top on the roof. More upgrades are scheduled prior to September.
  5. Overdrives are great especially here in the States. Loooong roads mean higher revs, lower fuel economy, and even quieter cabin wo Overdrive. As others have mentioned on twisties, going in/out of OD is wonderful, you don’t have to touch the clutch. I think a Mk2 GT6 will have a D-type overdrive. I believe the D-Types build and maintain hydraulic pressure so you have instant Overdrive. You may not notice it’s in OD because of it. The later J-Types build pressure when engaging with the switch so it takes a sec or two. Almost annoying when left on all the time. Have fun with your new toy! Todd
  6. Don’t think so, center looks a bit bigger in diameter than correct Mk1 wheel. Dish doesn’t look deep enough either. Looks like a formula wheel though. Found a link with a pic of an original.  [Sorry, link no longer available] Cheers Todd
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