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  1. Although team 49 is now a 2 man team in a TR7 instead of a 3 man crew in a  2000
  2. And I agree too. To add though- I can see where there's a third way (who said that?) I have seen the RE - enactment of the Battle of Hastings and they do try to make it as realistic of the time as possible without killing anyone! No doubt there are risk assessments done but I am sure we can run our event in the right spirit of the original whilst taking into account the modern world. The organising team do a great job and I am confident this will continue.
  3. We stayed at Tebay until well after the official closing time at Tebay
  4. That sounds like a good idea Sam. I have always wanted to see the ceremony but never made it yet. So maybe we will join you at your hotel
  5. Anyone given thoughts to what hotel they might be using? Our team will be going over the night ebfore the start and should arrive in the Lille area around 18.30 French time. Haven't started looking for a hotel yet but I imagine we'll choose somewhere cheap outside of Lille itself
  6. Well an event that moves it's start point each time is an interesting idea and it happens now with the Historic Counties Run. That's also only one overnight too so it's not the RBRR, it is it's own event in it's own right which should suit more people. Then there's the Border Raiders as a two day tour with no long days, schedule to hit and a hotel for the overnight. Again another event which has it's own character. Not forgetting the 10CR which generally has different start points and is evolving into best part of a week tour with hotel stops. So there's plenty of choice and the RBRR  is what it is. That's why I  have done 4 and nowadays put something back in by marshaling.
  7. There can be if you want there to be one Nick. I certainly plan to have the traditional first overnight run
  8. I can help with some stats as I keep them for the club's championships. I have records for the RBRRs from 2006 to 2014. 516 cars, 6 accidents that I am aware of, 2 put down to diesel on the road, 1 blinded by oncoming traffic (these 3 being in 200 and one avoiding a kamikaze deer running into the road. As far as I am aware none were caused by tiredness. From what I know so far there were no accidents this year so that would make the stats something like 640 cars and 6 accidents - under 1% There is no evidence that I am aware of  that "prangs" are increasing in occurrence.
  9. Thanks Dave - preparing for the worst then and hoping for the best
  10. Picked up?  Sorry Dave, I am not that knowledgable so can you explain what that means?
  11. All good points. Ferny, I have had a payout by the insurance company for me to fix the car myself so I am happy enough with that. Mike, yes we ran it for a few miles (!) to reach a town and by the end it was pinking badly, had no water in it and coasted into a parking space in the centre of Plana - then it wouldn't restart.  I'd say there's a very good chance this is where the damage happened. Since then it's just been a case of getting into a position where I could refit a radiator and run it on tickover back here.
  12. I built this engine with a reground crank, lightened flywheel, GT6 cam etc and all it has done is the mileage to the Czech Republic Diring that drive it went very well, nice and smooth whilst being quite lively for a 2 litre I am planning just the headgasket and maybe a head skim - unless more problems are revealed
  13. That's what I  thought. Those wild boar have a lot to answer for
  14. Yup that's what I think too but I am fed up of working on cars, I want to drive them Nick, I have just whipped the plugs out and they all look the same.
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