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  1. Seats are being sold by my nephew here in the Netherlands. If you want any info just send him an email (in English). http://www.autoretro.nl/ The are much better than the original ones. I wanted to keep a period look. http://www.autoretro.nl/Plone/autostoelen/assortiment
  2. It sounds like it's hungry for all my savings... me and the co-owner of the car more or less decided last night that after the welding it could do with a respray... never ending story this car. But we just keep on dreaming that one day we will do a long distance rally in it like the RBRR.
  3. yep, don't do it.... or you'll  have to reinforce lot of sections e.g. front suspension, diff mounting etc... keep 59'r as it is. Better start with a later car like I'm doing, http://club.triumph.org.uk/cgi-bin/forum10/Blah.pl?m-1220906347/s-all/ In the end it is probably easier to buy a Vitesse and cheaper as well....
  4. Well not much progress on the Herald...much work has gone in the Jaguar MK2 and respray of the Spitfire after my brother got to close to another car... After fitting the suspension we did a bit more work on the wiring, which is now almost finished. The Coupe is now at the welder who is repairing the passenger door, part of the chassis and a small part of the wheelarch. Did a bit of driving. Still pinking a lot, so back to the rolling road after the welding is completed, to adjust the tming. Will it ever be finished...probably not :) still it sounds mean as hell! and is pretty fast (scarry!) Some videos of the car: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaSX1byJ6bM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_Qw-Sx5LB8
  5. Work on the Rally coupe will never stop..... put on some suspension mods and worked on the new wiring loom again. .. still not finished.
  6. It's finally time to get the Herald project going again, all the electrics are now ordered. Wondering if something like this would fit: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MGA-MGB-MGC-Dunlop-Style-Wheels-Set4-/220912746707?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item336f6d00d3 Anyone ever fitted 15inch to a Herald/Vitesse/spitfire with /70 or /80 tyres on them?
  7. This pictures shows the exhaust fitted to the car. The rear silencers are slightly more apart form than the standard twin box setup and are closer to the car, and they sound the works! Made the first longer test drive today. The car feels extremely solid and ratlle free and it is fast...... It just keeps on pulling in the rev range and I don't even dare to go to far as it still needs to be adjusted on the rolling road.
  8. Although there still no electrics in the car, I already finished the dash so it can be wired up. The big dials are Jaguar ones as is the small black gauge panel (XJ s1). Fuses boxes will be moved to the right side of the dash.
  9. This picture shows the new underbonnet situation. The electrics are just for the test drive.
  10. After all was fitted and after two years of work it was on it's wheels for the first time two weeks ago. As you can see in the picture the front grille was moved forward to give enough space for the radiator and electric cooling fan( front pulley was altered). I had to get used to the new frontal look, but I now think it looks rather cool.
  11. Next job after all the suspension and brake lines were fitted was to make an exhaust. I ordered stainless steel parts total was around 250 euro's and trial fitted the whole thing before I had them welded together. This way the exhaust is close to the car and goes nicely around the diff. The sound is now far better than it was with only the straight pipe and rear silencers. It makes a big difference to fit the inline silencer.
  12. Fitting the complete unit didn't proof to much of a problem. No rotoflexes means I could keep the standard Herald handbrake setup. After fitting them I found the inner CV joint (next to the diff) to close to the chassis. Bending a piece of the chassis proofed to give enough clearance. The shocks which are still the Herald ones. I will mount some mini top front shockabsorber brackets (from the front) to the inner rear arch and use the GT6 ones in the future. This way the will be more upright
  13. Did some work on the Coupe last months. First was the "Canley Conversion" had them shimed out as I had no proper tools to do this.
  14. sorry neighbours... just had to fire it up... it's sounds fantastic! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvGYsoFfX-s just need to order an exhaust... wondering how much sound will be "lost"by that one silencer... Those dellorto's make a wonderfull noise, a propshaft and the rear suspension would be nice to...
  15. Started on the dash today. It's a plate of alloy "wrinkle  finish" on plywood. The clocks are out a Jaguar ,I like them because there bigger than the GT6 ones, and the rev counter is electric, there is no tacho output on the 123 ignition. Airvent is out of a mini. Tried to give it the works look with the labeling in white on red, just as the mini coopers had in the 60's.
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