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  1. I undertand that, my car is a long time in needing one aswell so maybe that will work out. Ill drop you a PM closer to the time!
  2. Could your company make up another set of these easily?
  3. I love this car, great colour! I think I asked previously but where did you get the new chassis plates? Iain
  4. Is this a vitesse then? Fony Pond on here has these fitted under 13's with alittle ground off the back of them for clearance.
  5. I had planned something like this myself but with a pin so I could drop them. Do you know roughly how much you have saved weight wise? Certainly less to go wrong now!!
  6. They look good, so they will be permanently up? Can they be lowered manually or just fixed up?
  7. Sounds like a great project, I would love to see some pics of it. I had planned to modify my half shafts before it fitting the atlas axle but because there are two large openings / holes on the shafts there wasn't enough meat on them to drill the new PCD, I had read about people welding up the original holes.
  8. Oh and also your brakes, not much you can get under a 13" Unless you go for an aftermarket kit.
  9. I would look at the class you are entering, your tyre options and your final drive gearing to make your wheel size decisions if you are planning to compete in the car.
  10. Replied to your private message Peter.
  11. Where did you get these made Theo?
  12. Very very nice.. I'm sure you are so please. This is just such an amazing colour and one that gives the TR such a sharp look!
  13. Thank you, I spoke with a guy who has suggested using the floating Aero Trap nuts, i use these at work so I've grabbed a handful to play with. The Biggest problem is how badly the arches follow the 1/4 panel, i suppose these can be buffed back to follow the shape of the quarter. The other problem is that the indents on the fibreglass arches which are to be drilled through and become the fixing points are far from square, thin in places so will never pull in square. Its one of those things that no matter how good the rest of the car is it will always bug me. Don't really want to glass them in but it certainly is a method hiding all the issues.
  14. Looking forward to seeing the final coat going on this!
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