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Membership Packs

Enjoy the benefits of Club Triumph membership.

Before ordering or renewing your membership, please make sure your membership profile is complete.

If you are ordering or renewing an associate membership, the associate member details are included as part of your profile.

Membership renewal will extend the existing membership by 12 months from the current membership date of expiry.

5 products

  1. UK Membership
    £38 for first year
    £33/year renewal
  2. European Membership
    £52 for first year
    £47/year renewal
  3. International Membership
    £65 for first year
    £60/year renewal
  4. Young Person UK Membership
  5. Associate Membership
  • Welcome to The Club Shop

    Club Triumph organises and attends many events and shows throughout the year and our events team are always on hand to help. The Club Shop is always in attendance at the main shows and carry a generous amount of stock, but you can always pre-order to collect at a show and save on P&P.  

    Overseas members please contact for postage costs.

    Tina & Andrew Lacey
    Club Shopkeepers

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  • Membership Secretary

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