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  1. Interesting differences. I agree that there shouldn't be much difference - especially as it's 'up to X%' in each type. But, when looking at the plugs at John O Groats (1 each side) they were completely white. Richening the mixture meant that by the Falls of Shin they were a very light tan and, following another adjustment, were normal tan. Of course, filling up with E5 on the way home at near empty, meant that on checking on the drive, they were as black as a coalhole. Not sure what else it could be. Maybe, we got a shot of genuine E10 (full 10%) somewhere?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tS8z3lfJTgE Never done this before, so hope it works! Chas
  3. As newcomers to the RBRR, we can only say that we thoroughly enjoyed the event - from start to finish. Even pre-start! excellent communication from the organisers - from phone calls to whatsapp. Plenty of information and we felt as though we were being treated as equals, even though it was our first run. Didn't notice any particular cliques - everyone we spoke to were friendly and helpful - focussed, yes, but at no time did we ever feel out of place. But, we too need to apologise for dazzling LEDs! I did get the cars headlights adjusted - with two blokes sat in the car, but shortly before Carter Bar, the master switch fell apart and plunged us in to darkness. Had to do some highly bodged wiring in pitch black while my co-driver helpfully munched his way through the M&Ms. For some reason that I still can't fathom, it made our headlights a heck of a lot brighter than they should have been. Did finally get it sorted in daylight when I could see what I was doing. So sincere apologies to anyone who was dazzled by our TR7. Admittedly, I don't understand the ire directed at some of those who fell by the wayside, excepting those who failed to contact the organisers to say they couldn't be bothered to turn up. I can fix most things mechanical, but struggle with the electrical side (see above) so what may be a minor electrical fault to some is a major spanner throwing event for me. My car is a daily driver and generally well maintained, but I didn't consider the effect on the car of a 2000 mile event - in one go. Everything having to work hard for a solid 48 hours. I have done a trip of 2500 miles around France - in two weeks, but never in 48 hours. I will make darned sure that I check the electrics as thoroughly as I check the mechanics for the next one. Yes, we echo everyone elses comment with a huge 'Thank You' to the organisers, but also to everyone who took part and made the event so memorable. Hopefully, we can do the next one too. Chas and Jim, Team84 TR7V8
  4. For my TR7, the master light switch fell apart just before Carter Bar, plunging us in to darkness - not fun. A succession of bodges until a very nice chap called Pete gave us a replacement, which is working happily now. The heater, which had worked happily in the warm air up to Knebworth suddenly stopped working as we got to Wetherby and the temperature dropped. Flow and retrun pipes both red hot. Reading RobPearce above, could it be E10 fuel? We had to enrichen the Weber a lot to stop the rough running. Back on E5 and it was running way too rich, so put it back to where it was. Economy wise, we seemed to get roughly 25mpg out of E10 and 32mpg out of E5 - 3.5 V8.
  5. Oh dear! Sorry to have started this thread. Did I read somewhere above that there is a guarantee that our cars will finish? 😉
  6. I had a cunning plan! Any breakdown 'north' of Wales, could get recovered to home in Portishead and pick up spare car! I thought this to be a brilliant idea until my co-driver pointed out that someone might notice that we started in a blue TR7 and finished in a red Stag. What do you think? Workable?
  7. Hi all, Just seen on the MSN newstream that Tesco and BP are closing fuel stations due to the lack of tanker drivers. Any one else have any news on this? Cheers Chas
  8. Hi all, having been anti-social for many years and failed to post a single thing, I thought that, with the purchase of a new (to me) TR7V8, it would be time to launch myself in to the Club world! I bought this car, blind, from Ebay as a project that would take a few years to get together and keep me busy. Wrong!  She was duly delivered on a trailer, started immediately, was parked on the drive and failed to start again. Fitting electronic ignition bought her back to life - instantly. There was some history, converted by S+S Prep in 1998, Stage 2 and came with a Holley fitted -that was changed quickly to a Weber as I find them much easier to work with. The mystery to me, began when I looked at the history.  She doesn't seem to have been anywhere since the conversion.  According to the records, she was converted on approx 80,000 miles and the milometer now reads 88,000.  There was a rear-end shunt in 1998 ish and a complete rear-end seems to have been fitted, followed by two front wings in 2001-ish. All 5 wheels are the same and all bear tyres date-stamped 2002, with very little wear. I have found a Club Triumph sticker in the armrest cubby and she was in Kent for quite a while. Anyone know anything about this car?  AOH 476V is the index and she drives beautifully having replaced the tyres and front springs - thats it. Chas
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