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  1. I agree. I think if a car fails, then it is fixed but not submitted for a retest, then it is legitimate to use. What is a worry is people who think "non safety" aspects, eg emissions, are OK. Because then it could lead onto headlights and "but I don't use it at night" or indeed wipers. And so on. Best to keep the MoT up to date, if little use every 2 years (but then little used cars often develop brake faults)
  2. The earlier carbs are generally easier to set up/tweek. And I am uncertain if you can fit the earlier needle to your carbs? But std 6AC should be correct, or at least very close to what you need. (though I am no font of knowledge on Strombergs, my plenium comment was from when I fitted a 2500s engine to my Vitesse, it wouldn't rev beyond 3k as it was so lean, change of needles transformed the car)
  3. The 2000 the carbs came from, was that originally fitted with the very thin "plenium" with remote filter? If so that system is very restrictive, so te needle will be much leaner than required for a vitesse.
  4. I have tried the automec kits (many years ago) an found the pipes too long. And ended up cutting a re-flaring as it is almost impossible to "lose" teh extra length. My choice would be make my own.
  5. Chris, I am collecting it this Friday. I have a plan for it.....
  6. Clive

    Stuck clutch?

    Big hammer.....
  7. Clive

    Stuck clutch?

    Assuming it is just a stuck clutch, let the engine warm up and get hot, it helps. If you have space in front of the car, shut the engine off, and try starting the car with the clutch down but in gear. Or jack the back end up, support if well, start the car in gear and get up to 3rd gear (carefully!) then with the clutch pedal down, keep blipping the throttle. It should eventually free, rarely more than a few attempts.
  8. That looks identical to the one I have in the garage. But came from lidl or aldi I think. Or maybe ebay. Under a tenner. They are very good, seem accurate when checked. I have broken a few over the years, mainly because I get careless. Or abuse them.
  9. £15 delivered off ebay for new ones.... But superglue is your friend.
  10. Original spec is 038 or 015 (which is a higher power version) However, not easy to get now. But very common 063 or 075 will fit in the box, bigger and terminals now away from the battery clamp. (But correct sides) You may need linger j bolts for the battery clamp.
  11. Use super unleaded, and I think Castrol Valvemaster is one of the good additives?
  12. Pete has been informed. I expect it will find its way to me at some point to stick on fleabay (he does not do 'puters at all)
  13. Clive

    GT6 Clutch

    I would check again if I were you. AFAIK all TR were all bigger shafts.
  14. The genuine denso alternators are bombproof. Been using them on my triumphs for years with zero issues (once the bracketry is sorted, which is not difficult)
  15. Clive

    GT6 Clutch

    TR input shaft is bigger, so no use with a saloon box
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