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  1. Fantastic news, I’ve just finished putting the GT6 back together and taken it for a quick blast and it all seems good, fingers crossed for Saturday 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  2. Hi all, thanks for all the help, I think I might have a solution that means I get to use my original carb. It’s a bracket held down by the float valve, I’ll make it in 2mm aluminum which is the same thickness as the aluminum washer under the valve at the moment. I can’t think of any problems with it but would like opinions. The pictures are of a tin mock up I made early this morning.
  3. Well it kind of is a help as JB weld was suggested which I think is an epoxy type thing and your experience has convinced me not to bother🤣 I think the chance of it failing on the run is to high to risk it.
  4. I’ve had a disaster!!!! One of my carb floats was sticking, I had a look and one of the posts was leaning over I gently tried straightening it but it fell off so I desperately need a stromberg cd150 carb body the type with a rising choke bar and unless I find one soon it looks like the GT6 won’t make it. So I don’t suppose any one has an old cd150 carb body I could buy/borrow, in desperation I’ve super glued the post back in but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be strong enough.
  5. I’m kind of thinking I’ll do the event using e10, as each tank is not going to be in there long and as I understand it it’s the sitting in the tank/pipes/carbs that will cause the problems and if I fill up the last tank with super unleaded even if I don’t use the car for a while it should be good. Not sure if that’s right or not but I suppose I’ll find out.
  6. I’ve been struggling to set up the rebushed carbs, really difficult to get them to run consistently so I checked the fuel pump just in case there were any issues there and it promptly fell to pieces!!! I suppose it’s lucky it happened now and not on the run and with a bit of luck when the new huco one arrives Tuesday I’ll be able to get the carbs dialed in ready for the drivers meet🤞🏻
  7. The Gt6 is looking to have another go, I must be a masochist but after the luxury of the Stag for the last 3, I thought the Gt6 could do with another run.
  8. Really sorry Jim, just realised this was the battery I bought for the stag not the gt6 so you’d better check the dimensions. Apologies, Floyd
  9. I picked this one up cheap locally and it fitted the gt6 fine which I think has the same battery box hole.
  10. I gave up on the standard crap ones and put a kubota digger one on instead and it was easier to move it up high whilst I was at it as the mounting was different anyway.
  11. eBay has cheap pairs of 45DCOE throttle bodies for £335 I’m sure there not as well built as the Jenveys but might be worth a punt and rallydesign do a manifold for them for about the same price.
  12. Would adding extra height to the rear uprights sort this out? I know a fair few people have drilled them lower down to give more camber and John Wolf does a version with ball joints to do the same, possibly you could do something similar to gain height rather than loose it. http://www.wolfitt.com/wolfitt_products_1.htm#Adjustable rear vertical link kit
  13. Looks like John Bonnet’s (I think I’ve got his name right) car is up for sale, I remember the excellent write up he did on here during the build. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1341258
  14. I’ve just put a set on the stag and have had them on the last couple of moderns I really rate them but the outside edges do wear pretty quickly.
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