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  1. Thank you all for your helpful comments! I have decided to go for the Falken SN832A Ecoruns at £60 each incl valve, balance, disposal of old tyre and VAT. Cheers!
  2. Hi All! I am looking to re new the tyres on my PI. I am using Stag alloys and currently use Bridgestones 185 x 70 x 14 88H. I probably cover around 2000 - 3000 miles per year as well as the odd Club T event now and again; RBRR, 10CR, or C2C on top of this mileage. I do not think I drive particularly hard (cornering etc) but do keep a fair speed for sustained times on motorways etc. A friend of mine suggested buying tyres online as he can change the tyres, valves and balance the wheels for me to try and keep costs down. Any sensible(!) suggestions as to which brand would be appreciated!
  3. Hi Chris, Many thanks, Dave.
  4. Hi, Ian and myself didn't actually finish - we just went back to the finish!!!! We still had a great time , meeting up with Don and John the evening before then having a look around Yorkshire on the Saturday daytime. It was great to catch up with old friends but i would of preferred to meet Paul and Dorota in different circumstances. there was a cattle grid in the road adjacent to us so the traffic was slowing but i did jump a few times with the noise of traffic crossing it! Ps Its not a good idea trying to catch some sleep next to a Lighthouse that sounds it's horn every two minutes! Nice photos!!!! Massive thank you's to Chris and all for making this event happen - really appreciated.
  5. Team 15 Dave Kirk, Ian Pearce plan to be there.
  6. Thanks Howard, much appreciated!
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