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  1. Looks like part of the body, instead of gluing down.
  2. I think earth together with strap.
  3. Could it be Derek Pollock Memorial Ratty?
  4. 03 March 2024 but no details. I can do this...
  5. Yes, but Andrew name driver.
  6. I was driven in my Truimph on Drive Your Truimph Day 2024.
  7. The green ones are hopeless. Mintex will be a significant improvement.
  8. Ordinary E10 unleaded will probably be OK if you have Gates hoses.
  9. As glang said, oil does suffer chemical degradation from being exposed to air and other conditions in the engine. It's quite slow on modern oil, so you don't need to change it more than annually.
  10. My experience of electric oil pressure gauges has not been good, so all of mine have the ones with the pipe (or hose) up to the dash. I've never had a problem with any of them. Just route the pipe carefully and make sure there's a grommet where it passes through the bulkhead.
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