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  1. That depends very much on the mirror and how well it's been fitted. Certainly Herald bonnets are prone to joggling, which doesn't help, but the laughable ones on my old PI estate were totally due to the mirrors being knackered.
  2. I've not used that specific product but surely it all depends on the scratches! If you've got some mildly dulled patches due to scuffing then I'm sure they work wonders. As does good old T-cut or even just polish. If you've got actual scratches that go through the top coat to the primer (or beyond!) then nothing's going to work without applying more paint. A sufficiently aggressive polishing compound might rub enough pigment off the surrounding paintwork to fill the scratches but I'd be dubious as to whether the result is durable.
  3. I had one years ago, when they came with a broad selection of caps, and they were all the wrong ones. I think the Lockheed brakes on the 2500 was the only car I ever did manage to use it on successfully.
  4. I reckon it'll be fine. I think the control box rating is the maximum dynamo output that the control box can handle. It can't drive the dynamo any harder than the dynamo will take. It might spend more time with the dynamo at full output but that's not going to damage anything with a 15% increase. And if it did overheat then it wouldn't be the commutator anyway - it would be the field coil, probably.
  5. I have one of them, too. Really useful tool but I do need to fix the dust extraction (again).
  6. 30 years, five Round Britains (in this - 8 in other cars) and a few 12-cars and scatters: This was "Drive It Day" last year - a shopping trip 🙂
  7. I'm sure one of the actual experts will be along to correct me but I don't think the factory fitted white hoods on Heralds, at least not as standard. It may have been a "special order" option.
  8. If you're willing to head the other way, I'm between Cambridge and Ely - about an hour's drive from Bedford.
  9. Definitely worth doing. I had my Spitfire ones done professionally but I'm currently working through fitting the Park Lane kit to my GT6 (after welding up the broken frame on the driver's seat) and it's not overly hard.
  10. RobPearce


    Yes. Radial tyres with no declared profile ratio are usually 80 profile.
  11. I wouldn't want to use a metal scourer just in case it left scratches. Maybe a brass bristled brush but nothing steel unless you really have to.
  12. A good soaking in petrol then scrub with a green kitchen scourer - it's a hardened shaft so won't be damaged by a plastic scourer. I don't think the scourer will dissolve in the petrol... 🤔
  13. No, the parts manual diagram is simplified to reduce clutter. There should be eight straps - two on each side of the square. They are fitted "alternating" - so put a pair opposite each other, then the other sides, then another pair on the first sides, then a final pair on the second side.
  14. Do you not get at the bottom of your new post edit pane?
  15. Still broken for me. It's probably a permissions issue because they're hosted on a google folder. It happens a lot.
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