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  1. I think the complaints were about traffic on Sunday morning. We were heading towards Coventry in the opposite direction to you and saw the queues, I sympathise.
  2. I’ve seen lots of moans and grumbles about this event. Its location means that there will be queues at busy times but we didn’t experience any issues with traffic, parking or the perceived lack of marshals. Some people just look for things to complain about.
  3. Anyone spot the deliberate mistake? i do of course mean Tuesday November 14th!
  4. Our next social evening will be on Tuesday November 11th at the Ten Tors Inn, Kingsteignton, TQ12 3NP at 7:00pm. i already have a list of names but if you would like to join us please let me know, either via this forum, the WhatsApp group or call me on 07735 573625.
  5. Fixer6

    Nuala Dowie

    It’s very sad news, an honour to have known her.
  6. Fixer6

    Green Flag

    I have just renewed my Green Flag breakdown cover. Just like last year the renewal price had increased and just like last year I checked the website price. Both times about £17 less than the renewal letter. After a telephone call they again matched the website price. Probably worth checking if you have Green Flag.
  7. I used the company that Hogie suggested. Good quality bulbs.
  8. It’s been a long while since I did mine but I think I used option 1. Which ever one protect the bare metal. I used “good quality” led bulbs and I’m told that the rear of the car is more visible in mist or after dark.
  9. And those cooling systems had a lot to cope with last weekend, the GT6 much hotter than usual on the M18. there you go, worked out how to do the copy/paste/quote thing 
  10. Not very good with the copy and paste thing Pete Arnold, sorry to hear about that. Not sure that it is your stomach in the photograph.... Glad you are both home safely anyway, I will let you and Mary know how the train thing goes.   Andrew
  11. Thank you to everyone for an excellent weekend. Back home last night after just over 1100 miles in 6 days. The GT6 needs a good clean and I need a good rest!
  12. If the hotel is going to reserve almost all of it’s rooms in August it seems entirely reasonable to ask for a deposit, I await further instructions. Andrew
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