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FOR SALE: Triumph Herald Convertible 13/60 1968 - Based in Harlow, Essex


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Dear fellow Triumph enthusiasts...

It is time to sell my Herald for reasons discussed below. I thought I would try to sell my car to like minded drivers and members of these wonderful classic cars rather than through ebay or Autotrader. This car is brilliant and it deserves an owner who understands it. 

First... here is a summary:

53 Year old (1968)
No rust on bodywork
Runs brilliantly
Everything works mechanically and electrically
Drives fantastic
Fully refurbished in early noughties with Gold Standard engine. 42,747 miles on engine.
Paintwork could do with a sand down and respray. The paint has not been keyed properly and has cracks in places. The rear tub is also a slightly different shade of red! (My fault!)
Roof in good working order - small gap in quarter light
Replaced Dynamo with Alternator
New Ignition Coil, Plugs, Rotor and Points
New Fuel Lines
Original Steering Wheel available
Serviced every year with Classic 20/50 Oil
Stromberg Carb serviced, cleaned and tuned

MOT exempt (Submitted October 2019)
Tax Free
Low Insurance costs
Much paperwork and some old MOT certificates from 1999

More photos:




A Brief History:
So where do I start... I have owned Harold since 2016 after buying him from the actress Clare Holman. I stumbled across Harold for sale in 2016 on the Triumph Club website. After a few emails I was down in Sussex in a shot to find this brilliant car and I had to have it. Mrs Holman is a wonderful lady who drove the car regularly during her 8 years of ownership. She had purchased Harold from Mr Marsh who had undertook a full strip down restoration in the early noughties. Unfortunatley I do not have any further historical records pre 1999.

After tea, I done the deal and I drove home with my 2 year old on board with a smile I could not remove from my face!

I purchased this car as I wanted a red convertible that I could look cool in. I have had a classic car before a white MGB, my first whom I had to give up some years earlier for practical reasons and really missed having one. I have enjoyed my 5 years with Harold maintaining him myself and learning all about what makes him tick. It really is a difficult decision to make. So many good times, especially with my two young children, in the back, top down, screaming at the top of their voices, arms up in the air, and who think of it as their "Racing car!" But needs must and I honestly do not have a decent enough reason to sell it except I just haven't had as much time for it as I would like and Harold deserves to be out there being driven! As I am writing this I really do not want to sell, but as a family man I have to think about the future. My kids are older and not as interested as they once were and I have to be honest and say that I am not using it as much as I should be. I have barely made a few hundred miles in the last two years and although I do have a garage and its been kept dry during my tenure as a family we decided we should be going electric, and an electric car is our next project. I'll be losing my garage and I will absolutely not keep my car outside in the drive open to the elements. Its time I hand over the keys to the next custodian.

For those that are still reading and have listened to my waffle I have more if you want to read on....??

I love old classics. The pure driving experience. You drive these cars, they don't drive you. They dont turn on your headlights or tell you when its getting dark, they dont have auto this and auto that or bing and bong at you at every moment. No power steering, no sat navs, wind up windows, chokes, knobs and classic dials. The smell of proper leather. Everything combines for that unique old school motoring pleasure.

During my ownership I have maintained the car throughout with regular servicing each and every year myself. I've got experts involved as and when needed. As well as maintenance, cleaning and upgrading that has given me immense enjoyment I have also kept it tidy trying to keep the car as original as possible, a few alterations were needed but not much. Mechanically the car is a joy taking everything back to simpler times.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I'll do my best to answer. 

All the best







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I'm sorry, I didn't even get a notification from the forum so I didn't know you messaged me. Apologies. I had decided to keep the car back then but now I'll be relisting the car for sale. 

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