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1970 Gt6 Mk2 Project For Sale

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Hi folks, sadly due to other commitments Im putting my 1970 Triumph Gt6 Mk2 project up for sale.

This is a car for complete restoration with details as follows:

1970 Gt6 Mk2 shell with old style logbook on a solid mk3 spitfire chassis

Original chassis was rotten, this chassis enables spitfire swing spring running gear to be fitted as opposed to rotoflex which was my plan to save me the hassle with getting quality rotoflex donughts nowadays.

The shell itself needs a full resto. Boot floor could be repaired by a skilled fabricator, inner wings need work. Needs new sills, floor pans, rear wing repairs. Bulkhead is susprisingly good, obviously needs a rear valance as pictured. The shell was stripped for resto many years ago but sat in a barn, the rust on roof is pretty much surface and should clean up fine.

Other parts as follows:

Pair of pretty much rot free spitfire doors that can be adapted to fit gt6 quarter windows and guts very easily.

Mk3 spit windscreen frame in very good condition that needs slight modification to fit.

Wiring loom in vgc

fuel tank in good condition with one previous repair mostly complete dashboard carpet set to fit

pair of original mk2 seats

rear quarter windows

Gt6 mk2 engine- sold to me as running but never had it doing as such, turns well

Non OD gt6 gearbox, missing selector plinth

manifolds and misc carbs as well as some exhaust system

many better condition panels but still in need of small repairs

some large cuts from spitfire rear end which will fit including rear wings and some bulkhead stuff if needed

gt6 front discs

replacement outer sills and sill end caps

Many more small chassis spit/Gt parts which can all go with it.

There are some further gt6 specific bits that I have not yet gathered to complete.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask, im located just north of Shrewsbury, Shropshire viewings welcome.

Im looking for offers over £2k, as im sure folks are aware if this was a complete "matching" car( by this i mean its all painted the same colour) then itd be significantly more going off recent ebay prices lol











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