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Exhaust gasket blowing


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How many out there have their exhaust to manifold continually blowing?

Not long ago I found out the reason after blaming myself for misalignment, inadequately tightened nuts, etc., etc. The reason is, every aftermarket exhaust I have purchased for a number of years has a part missing, despite them all being OEM!

The part that is missing is that the inner tube of the exhaust SHOULD extend above the exhaust flange so that this tube extension sits in the recess within the exhaust manifold and protects the gasket.

I found this omission when I took the exhaust downpipe off my latest Triumph, it had never been off from the day the car was built and the pipe extension was there.

It doesn't matter where the exhaust comes from, I got a replacement downpipe from Rimmers, the extension was missing (I told them about it). I got an exhaust for our Standard from the Standard Club, again the extension tube was missing.

My solution now is to cut a small section of tube and make a slight cone that I push down in the exhaust pipe.

So, beware. 

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