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  1. I had a similar problem which was due the format my phone was saving the photos in. My phone had switched without my knowledge from JPEG to HEIC format. Apparently the HEIC format uses less memory space but the problem is the CT website and lots of other sites don’t recognise HEIC and won’t let you upload them. There are free converters available to convert them back but it’s time consuming. I have now switched my phone back to JPEG.
  2. Sorry everyone I who has commented. I moved house yesterday and have not stopped. Plus a poor phone signal and have literally just got the broadband up and running to find these messages. Yes please Dave if you could collect the drive shafts and pass them on to Darren and then Darren could drop them at Pete’s that would be fantastic. Thanks Mark
  3. Thanks for the info Clive all updated. Mark
  4. Can someone advise me how to change my home address. I have looked at my account settings but can’t see anyway to update my home address. Thanks Mark
  5. I am in no rush as moving house this Thursday so very busy at the moment.
  6. Hi all. I have a couple of drive shafts to pickup from Dave Harvey in Darby and bring over to Newmarket/Ely area but anywhere Cambs, Suffolk or even south Lincolnshire would do if anyone is coming this way. Thanks Mark.
  7. I spotted you driving out of Wicken.
  8. Mk 4 / 1500 Steel boot lid in very good condition no rust just a couple of areas on the edge where the paint has rubbed off while in storage. £270 collection from CB7 or Stoneleigh spares day next Sunday. Message me if intrested. Thanks Mark
  9. Just to say a big thanks to Colin and Mike for organising this year's Essex Winter rally. An enjoyable day out dispite having to get up at 6am on a Sunday and winning is always a bonus.
  10. My in-car sat nav uses TomTom and I have to say the speed camera information is excellent. It even warns with pin point accuracy the location of the mobile speed cameras.
  11. When applying for the license make sure you use a different email address for each of you as there system doesn’t like two or more licenses with the same email address. Just to add it’s an electronic license that is emailed to you.
  12. Help needed. Pete has entered as our driver but when I try to purchase the navigator. I click on the navigator option it takes me to a second page then nothing happens. What am I doing wrong. Thanks in advance Mark
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