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  1. But do you have to fix it? What is to stop someone MOT exempting the car after the fail and continuing to use it? Yes It would not be road legal but ANPR would see it as having an MOT, only if the car was stopped on in an incident would it show up as having defects. For the record I still put my cars in for an MOT and would fix any defects found before continuing to use them. Mark
  2. Is it possible to pre order and pay for the RBRR T shirt ahead of the drivers briefing. Just asking as another crew will be picking up our drivers Pack. Thanks Mark
  3. I don't know how many miles the engine has done but there is no top or bottom end noises that I can hear so it would suggest its not excessive. It has been suggested it could be sticky rings due to lack of use over the last 10 years and I was told to put some diesel in the bores to see if it releases them. I will give that a try once I have done the compression tests. Thanks for you comments Mark
  4. Thanks for you comments its as I thought. I am picking a compression tester up on Monday so there is not a lot I can do till then. Final question its a Mk1 2.5 Pi on SU's I know I can take the head off in situ but can I drop the sump and remove the pistons or is it the block out job. Thanks Mark
  5. If it is just failed rings would I get away with just fitting new rings or would I be looking at a re-bore, new pistons etc?
  6. What are peoples thoughts on what is wrong. It also smokes from the dipstick. 20210820_163945.mp4
  7. Echo the big thank you to everyone involved and especially to Chris. We had a great time despite the weather though I did rather enjoy the trash up Hertside pass in the torrential rain. Some great roads and the Vitesse despite my best efforts to vandalise the radiator two days before the rally never missed a beat. We even achieved 34mpg over the total of 866 mile door to door and with out even trying to drive economically. Mark
  8. Like wise top less
  9. Its only lost about a couple of table spoons full over night so I am going with it as it is. Water and Radseal packed just in case. Hoping to have lots of fun🙂
  10. The Vitesse is all prepped, polished and ready to go. All needed to to do is work out how to attach the rally plates. So I experimenting 2 hours ago with a old rally plate trying to tease a cable tie out from just in front of the radiator and the next thing I know is I have coolant pouring out of the front of the radiator. Panic stations and a lot of swearing at my stupidity the wife comes running to see what has gone wrong expecting to see me squashed under the car. Luckily I have a spare radiator but its completely untested and in an unknow condition. 1 1/2 hours later the spare radiator has been flushed and fitted and a test drive even getting stuck in a traffic jam for 10 minuets after a fast run it is cooling perfectly. But it does seem to have a tiny weep in the middle the question is Radweld or go with it as it is. Panic over. Mark
  11. Hi Chris Yes you may do what ever you want with it. Thanks Mark
  12. Hi everyone doing the C2C. As I mentioned the other day I have put some notes together regarding fuel stations that are open on the C2C. There is a 71 mile and a 142 mile section with no open fuel stations so hopefully my notes will stop you running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. As mentioned By Chris its probably not relevant for the larger cars especially his TR7😉 but those of us with smaller fuel tanks it could be tight. Please feel free to use as you see fit. Chris has also asked me to point out that the A168 might be closed overnight south west of Thirsk. If this is the case then please use the A61. Thanks Mark Rutter C2C Fuel Stations.docx
  13. I am putting something together regarding this hopefully publish it in the next couple of days. The section from Penrith to Ripon is a 130 miles and no open fuel stations. Mark
  14. Google maps shows a Texaco in Alston that according to its web page is 24H. Mark
  15. Hi Chris Running a HCR a few years back in this area I found a complete lack of 24H petrol stations in the Durham and Yorkshire dales. I am not sure if this is still the case but I would suspect it is. I did recommend to crews to fill up before entering these areas and having a spare can in the boot. This might be something you want to consider mentioning to the crews. Cheers Mark
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