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  1. This was what I bought when I did my own in April 2019.
  2. How original do you want it to be? I fitted a skoda felicia rad and separate header tank to my triomatic. Gearbox cooling is now done by a motorcycle oil cooler.
  3. We did use a carbon offset company one year. I'm not sure why it didn't continue but I get the impression it wasn't a highlight for the organisers.
  4. I almost agree, but only from personal experience as well. AFR gauges are only useful for initial tuning and then trouble shooting afterwards. I've kept mine in the car and just before the RBRR it allowed me to trace and prove a faulty fuel pressure regulator. On each RBRR I normally use the trip from the start to the Jedburgh garage to tweak fuel tables. So they're worth while if you can change parameters on the fly - if you can plug a laptop in and make instant changes. On a car with carbs, use your feet, ears and bum to tune the car. Ignoring timing settings. If it's holding back slightly, it's probably too rich. If it's hesitating then it's too lean. Common sense really, but I've been fortunate to have and observe the gauge and make a change straight away to fix it. Oh, and most definitely worth saying. Trying to find the magical sweet spot for the exact situation your in at that specific moment will almost certainly bugger everything else up!
  5. Cheapest ever 2-man RBRR for me! Final price was £355 in fuel.
  6. Why didn't you carry the back end of a car, complete with entire running gear? You'd only need to weld two bits of metal together to get you going again. If you don't know how to weld by connecting jumper cables to a lamp post, then you shouldn't be allowed to enter.
  7. Here you're allowed 4 tyres per year at the tip. I doubt anyone is writing your details down and following you though... Luckily, I get mine done at work if my friend is able to do it in his lunch. In fact, he saved my RBRR by sticking the fronts on the balance machine one evening as a favour. It used to be £13 a wheel locally, 10 years ago...
  8. Good point. How about asking crew how long a temporary fix is expected to last. Don't let the crew enter unless the answer is along the lines of - long enough for me to forget about it until it breaks again, resulting in another temporary fix.
  9. I don't think driving out there would be an issue as long as you get your international permit? You'd get stopped no doubt, but there shouldn't be any legal issues. Sorting insurance could be fun though! Shipping looks around £750ish each way? It depends where you want to start and finish. I'm looking for stuff to do in 2023. 2022 is full from all the stuff postponed this year and I normally get a six week block of holiday in the summer. It'd be a good RBRR shakedown!
  10. May as well use this as post RBRR fixes report thread! Gearbox oil - checked and poured out everywhere. Must have been over-full somehow. It always seems to gain extra oil on an RBRR! I'll be doing a fluid swap on it soon as it's a bit dark despite only being a year or two old. Didn't really lose any other fluids and engine oil (fully synthetic 10/60w) is still the colour of golden syrup. Radio fixed (broke a day after the event) by unplugging it for a few days. Interior boot llight has fixed itself as has the auxiliary engine/bonnet fan sensor. Boost gauge died on the way back to Knebworth so I've replaced it. Could have just been the sensor but the replacement is a lot nicer. Drivers interior door handle which snapped before Scotland has been replaced. Heated seat button light still doesn't work, but the switch and seat do, so that can wait! Exhaust will get attended to when I can be bothered. Its scrapping more than a snake's tinkle right now. Oh, and unpacking will happen at some point. And the brakes need adjusting again, but that seems to be a 1k mile service task anyway on this car.
  11. Perhaps it's the RBRR prep talking, which mostly consisted of watching Top Grear and Grand Tour specials, but has anyone looked into or considered shipping their car to America and going for a drive?
  12. I'd also say half shafts UJ. If they're not brand new, I'd say be prepared to replace. A passenger may help identify the offending side during a drive as it can be impossible to identify play when jacked up in the air. "Heavy duty" Freelander ones are what you want. Saying that, mine only lasted a year. I now use cheap ones with the grease nipple in the bearing cap (eBay) and they've lasted two years and counting.
  13. ferny

    Cosumph 6

    Too much power is an under-appreciated tool to extending the life of components. I'm sure making smoke has saved my diff a few times. If I could maintain grip I'd be fitting a new one every few months....
  14. Your pin engages with the castle nut? Show off! The one on my replacements are nowhere near.
  15. I've tried loads over the years and anything near the engine cracks on the outside for me. Eventually it starts to smell... I had to change some at the start of the 2018 RBRR when I noticed some was cracking. It was fine days before. I'm going hard nylon now.
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