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  1. I'm nice and prepared like normal, just waiting for stuff to dry... Obviously, not in the Herald. I started it for the first time since the RBRR last Sunday though, which isn't bad going for me these day!
  2. If it doesn't fit in Clive's car, let me know.
  3. I've been pretty unwell since Saturday and stuck in bed since Thursday so thought I'd try and be productive and replace the broken wheel studs from the RBRR. Bit of a mistake as it turns out, for two reasons; 1 - I'm now back in bed 2 - I've found yet another rust hole Annoying as it's not like the car is 55+ years old, sits outside all year and coverd about 2300 miles last year... Anyhoo, it leaves me considering fibreglass options again. Years ago I fancied a Sammio but I'm not overly keen on the proportions. But for a while now I've been keeping an eye on the Formosa. Two issues (again); 1 - it'd mean no more RBRR for this car due to no roof 2 - my engine is about 6 inches further back than standard so there may be packaging issues. What are peoples thoughts or experiences? I'm done with a welding session each year but I don't want to recycle the car either!
  4. A flat ring spanner which can also ratchet - who wouldn't use one? Although all of mine are broken. The first time I put them on a nut they always want to turn the wrong way, no matter what I do. Put it down in the exact same orientation and when I pick it up it's all magically changed internally... 🤔
  5. It's always been on my list if events to enter, but seeing as I've not repaired the damage from the RBRR yet...
  6. I don't want one like that. It's got someone else's name on it!
  7. I'm tempted to pop along for the cirst time in many years, not that I need anything!
  8. Very few people go on Facebook to go to a specific group for a browse. They end up on there as a result of their feed which they're using. Consequently, people end up using Facebook more than other sites through a mixture of convenience and conditioning. If Facebook was used intelligently and with guidance, it's an excellent source of driving people to an external website. Any content on Facebook relating to the club should link to the relevant information on the club site. As an example, "hey guys, quick update on venue change can be found here. To see more information or ask questions please click the link." But, laziness and lack of interest to invest 30 seconds into a post means it doesn't happen. Of course, one way around that is for the club to create all of the local groups on Facebook and add admins to the group. That way they can offer guidance and support when needed, have the option of mass posting/advertising for national events and prevents the issue of no one being in control of a local group page.
  9. So, I appear to have booked a flight to Edinburgh last night and today worked out what to do about having a bed to sleep in. 🤣 I'll be there 12th-15th December and staying in the centre. Obvious choices of stuff to do are the Castle, Arthur's, ghosts tour and I hear there's a Christmas Market... I'm putting this over to y'all for suggestions on what to do on this highly organised and not at all last minute trip idea.
  10. I've bought a diesel heater for the van directly from them, if you're worried about buying that way.
  11. I was just about to make a post when I got a message saying just what I was about to. Jo ain't to picture frame kinda gal. I can't see this being a problem other than extra work load ticking a box on a spreadsheet. But I thought I'd ask nice and early. Is it possible to have a tinkered for her when we order them?
  12. ferny

    MOT exemption

    You're just jealous that they don't have to take a shoe off to get higher then ten.
  13. ferny

    MOT exemption

    Yeah... I've no need to partake in a discussion about MOT'S in any regard other than the question I was raising.
  14. These are what I have in the Herald. I had the active cooling (with a fan) version in my old van. In the Herald there been an improvement in that I expect them to last longer than halogen, which has been a problem with my firmer suspension. In the van, I went from wondering how I didn't hit what I'd just driven passed which I could only see at 2 feet distance, to actually being able to see!
  15. ferny

    MOT exemption

    Bit baffled here. I've just gone to the post office and used form V112 to declare a vehicle MOT exempt. I asked the lady if she had to tick a box or anything for my own piece of mind and she said there was no need, it just pops up with a marker on the system already. This leaves me confused. The gov.uk site says we need to use form V112, yet the lady at the counter said it makes no difference. I've also taxed a car 40+ years old online when it doesn't have an MOT. Is the system a bit crap?
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