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  1. I don't get paid to walk the Highlands, but I get enough holiday to kinda almost make that the case. 😂 This snap was taken this morning. 😉 That's the only perk to teaching these days.
  2. I'm in Pembrokeshire between 8th and 11th and 13/14th I might be in Pendle Hill. I might be able to do some convoluted camping tour to get to Malvern? It'd take some planning. I'm off to Scotland tomorrow for National Three Peaks so give me a call, but signal or response might be sporadic until Tuesday.
  3. Can you not just move them straight away and get them to do a lateral flow test every fifth Wednesday after Pentecost?
  4. The first one looks like it's breaking apart and the second photo isn't detailed enough for me to tell.  There should be no "sag" to the mount. I became so fed up of replacement mounts failing - in one instance it broke in two within months - that I used solid engine mounts for a few years. 
  5. Standard dampers and heavy springs here. Ideally you want to upgrade both but it's not strictly necessary if the dampers are in good order.
  6. There's a reason a lot of manufacturers use sealant now... http://www.henkel-adhesives.co.uk/2838_UKE_HTML.htm?nodeid=8797716348929
  7. Just buy some replacements. When I stripped mine I sold one for a tenner. If you add up the time and materials for repairing yours... Or http://www.mx5nutz.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=333754#entry4022154
  8. ferny

    wiring gauge

    It also creates a hard point for failure and introduces an acid which will corrode the copper wire. All my joints and connections when I did my engine conversion were soldered.
  9. For a car hardly used it's ideal as it massively cuts down on worries and service time. For a car in regular use requiring regular services the owner is capable of doing, it's not needed. Has the new radiator sorted the problem or has it not been tested yet?
  10. I've never had an issue of welding mild and stainless together with a normal MIG. I'd never risk it in a structural location though.
  11. Not sure they'd fit. I put some in my van - added bonus of being heated as well. They cost me £40.
  12. It's fine here in my opinion. Could always be moved to the technical chit chat section if worried.
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