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I've taken the head off to fix 3! burnt valves 1,2& 3 pots. being the cautious type I consulted the Triumph 2000 -2500 repair operation manual and read 'smear cylinder head gasket with grease and place over cylinder head studs'
Is this still normal practice or have we moved on to some new exotic snake *$## ?
or do we use nothing as new gaskets are so good these days?

as for the valves I guess someone had the front Carb running a little lean

It's summer here in NZ and Hot

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i think the grease was for the copper head gaskets as a anti seize measure. i would say
modern h/gaskets go on dry, but i could be corrected on this!

i see you have a sammy miller "clews competion machine", there is a sammy miller m/c
mesuem about 20  miles from here , don't  know if you have heard about it!
regards bryan

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