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Autobox oil cooler


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I always the oil cooler was an optional extra; I didn't know that cars with the BW65 box do not have one.  Maybe it was deleted from the the standard specification as a cost saving, which would not have been passed on to the customer.  This is still standard practise in the motor industry.

The cooler is needed if the car is used for towing (also useful for those drivers who can't be bothered to put the transmission into neutral or park when stopped at traffic lights and simply hold it on the footbrake...)


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Whoops - thought I had better reply to this as it looks like the BL workshop manual isn't entirely correct.

The book "Original Triumph Stag" by James Taylor says on p61 that all auto Stags *did* have an oil cooler whether type 35 or type 65 (oil cooler is the same but the pipe connections at the gear box differ slightly).

This is at odds with the BL "Repair Operation Manual" which shows a U-pipe used to blank off the input/output pipes for an oil cooler on the type 65 box - page "Type 65 44.24.22" - with no actual oil cooler fitted for the 65.

The oil cooler is shown for the type 35 on page "Type 35 44.24.19"

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