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Emotional call for help


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Hi All,


My dad and I brought a spitfire a few years ago as a bit of a restoration project and a chance to spend some quality time together whenever we had some time to spare. Obviously as these projects go, it's taking longer than we initially planned. 

The sad news in all of this is that my dad has cancer, and is near the end of his time of being able to get out and do things and unfortunately, will probably never get the chance to see the car finished, let alone go for a drive in his dream car.

What I'd love to do is organise a day where he can go out in a spitfire before it's too late. Does anyone know of any "driving experience" companies local to Plymouth, or even another member local that would be prepared to take him out for a drive (as a passenger) so he can at least say he got to experience riding in one.



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