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Herald 13/60 body to chassis rubber


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Well I think I've found something that is contributing to my door shutting problem:

Where the body is attached to the chassis the three rearward fixings by the door have rubber washers. I replaced these with new ones a couple of years ago and looking at them now the front two look ok but the rear one is completely shot. The rubber on the newer kits looks a lot softer than the washers that were on ther before. (with the roof up the gap at the trim line of the door shrinks by 1.5 mm)

I see rimmer do polyurethane ones, has anyone tried these ? or any other suggestions?


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Looking at it all carefully it looks like when I do the roof up it's pulling the rear forward, digging around in the boot and a couple of the bolts on the drivers side were loose, I've tightened them up which promptly made the situation worse 😞. I've got her parked in the sun today to see if that helps relax the roof a bit but it is starting to feel like it might be a take the body off to get it sorted - which I really don't want to do. 

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I've also found a real hotch potch of stuff between the body and the chassis from nothing at the boot to a stack of washers at the front of the bulkhead, some rubber washers, some rubber washers and steel washers and one which is probably original rubber, canvas, c shaped steel



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Have any of the chassis outriggers been replaced, if so, is the geometry of the chassis now correct in terms of both vertical and horizontal measurements.

Mine on my estate had been by previous owners, not so much door issues but when I came to check toe in on the rear axle it was out quite a bit so had to be shimmed out on one side predominantly.

If you get stuck for chassis rubbers you could cast your own, a mould and liquid RTV polyurethane rubber. I've cast quite a few for various mounts.

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