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Herald 13/60 convertible large items available - can maybe deliver

Adrian Girling

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I'm hiring a van some time in the next two weeks to pick up the GRP bodyshell for my project from Hinkley LE10 1PJ.  Starting from my shed in Egham TW20 8RG.  I'm looking to sell/gift the following and could maybe deliver if you are not too far from my route.

Rear Tub - some good welding was done by the previous owner, it would tidy up nicely
Hood and Frame - already listed here, not much luck finding a buyer so far, so flexible on price.
Driver's door with quarterlight and internals missing - not pretty
Passenger door - complete but not pretty either - prefer to let them both go rather than leave for the scrap man
Bonnet with lights - not bad on the outside, needs welding at the front inside.
Rear light assemblies - actually not bad
Boot lid - also quite good (as far as I can recall)

All of the above could go on Ebay but that takes time and if members here are interested I'd prefer to keep it in the family.

I can take photos if anyone is interested.  Perhaps DM me with your postcode and item(s) of interest?

I certainly won't have room for the GRP bodyshell and the larger items so for the Tub and Bonnet for example, I could deliver on the way but not on the way back, and I'd need to be sure they are sold if I take them with me!



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Quick update.  I still have all of the above.  Bonnet was on Ebay for a week, starting price £10 but nobody bid so it was re-listed. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265813657491

So I'm having a bit of a "fire sale" - if you can collect you may persuade me to let stuff go for nothing.  I am literally close to leaving the tub outside for the local scrappie as I need the space - such a waste, especially if anyone is looking at converting a saloon to a convertible.

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Hi Ray, the answer is, I don't think so!

I bought my Herald in a fairly dismantled state and I actually don't know what "scuttle and dash mill boards" are.  Googling took me to https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID005799 but I don't recognise the parts or where they go - I've sold or gifted the complete bodywork in three parts already - I do have the dashboard which I won't be using, in fact I think I have two if anyone is interested.  Sorry, I don't think I can help.

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