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Spitfire Mk4/1500 hard top

Amy Wade

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Original equipment steel hard top in a tatty condition but also not rotted out in the usual places. There's so much paint been applied over the years it will need stripping & repainting (The paint on top is crazing & peeling due to there being so many layers).
Please study the photos, I've attempted to get every angle covered, if you need additional photos/information please ask.

I'm looking for £75 for it which I think is a reasonable price. 

Located in Culham, Oxfordshire. 20220806_131354.thumb.jpg.4a2461cb3700159e52390a1368ba2376.jpg20220806_131347.thumb.jpg.8fedfca36418c500bafaa97109c3d1ae.jpg20220806_131342.thumb.jpg.c215c70aebf0ad0c3828085ef7872421.jpg20220806_131338.thumb.jpg.d530456db134b4f5c4ac0c49b6e996a2.jpg20220806_131333.thumb.jpg.ec2a86d7d6cabd6459ed4c184b9f3c20.jpg20220806_131229.thumb.jpg.c0fabf977a5c7fc25618fdf0593f3a8c.jpg20220806_131225.thumb.jpg.21e61c3efbea4b64bde3989ecb1d7fd7.jpg20220806_131221.thumb.jpg.cb23addcfe862879651c283904b28f47.jpg20220806_131217.thumb.jpg.e4509eb9bfd82db7bf396649e9667248.jpg20220806_131212.thumb.jpg.170b52327306f0545a02e9ee05b88ca9.jpg20220806_131208.thumb.jpg.18dce7fcb2d805370a139841a2f74aee.jpg

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